Do You Suffer From Anxiety Attacks? These 4 Steps Will Help You Control It

We all go through dangerous situations that we can feel anxious about. But when anxiety manifests itself altering our lives to the point of preventing us from being happy, it is time to seek help.

Have you ever felt tightness in your chest and stomach and excessive sweating? Do you find it difficult to breathe, do you feel your muscles tense, your body shakes, your heart beats fast, and your hands and feet are cold? Do you feel so nervous and distraught that you even want to cry and scream? Fear, worry, and panic control you and you can’t act?

If you have suffered from some of the above symptoms, let me tell you that they are caused by anxiety, which is when the body prepares to act defensively, in dangerous or threatening situations.

This sensation is considered normal up to a point, when it is possible to control it because it is a defense mechanism. However, when anxiety appears altered, it can cause health problems, preventing you from enjoying life and performing daily activities. If so, now is the time to spot it and seek help.

There are situations in life that are not controlled, for example: the loss of a loved one, a kidnapping, a robbery, living a serious situation or suffering from a genetic problem. However, there are many types of anxiety, some of which it is possible to control, for which it is necessary to know each one of them.

1. Obsessive and compulsive

A common example of this type of condition is when people only care about personal hygiene or cleanliness in their environment, in an exaggerated way. The thoughts obsess you and you cannot get them out of your mind, generating anguish and causing much discomfort.

For these types of people, there is a specialized treatment to control the state in which they constantly live. Only the attention of a specialist can help them, however, when you realize that it is something you can control, it is enough to perform relaxation exercises, reflect and meditate.

2. Constant concern (for life, physical and health)

This condition is expressed in people who are worried all the time, their thoughts are constantly thinking about family, health, economy, insecurity, etc., to the point of not having peace of mind and living with constant fear. They always imagine the worst consequences, for example: being afraid to go out after 9 at night, thinking that some misfortune is going to happen to them.

Chronic worry can be controlled in many ways, one of them can be writing down all your worries in a notebook, a fact that will distract your mind and help you to establish a specific time and place to think about the seriousness of your problems. Challenge the uncertainty of what will happen in the future and live in the present.

3. Fears and phobias

These emotions usually appear in the mind in a dangerous situation, magnifying the risk of living and experiencing experiences that get out of control. These feelings are expressed in constant fears and threats, to the point of becoming one or more phobias. It may happen that you begin to feel discomfort in the body in certain situations, thus constituting a phobia of heights, being in closed places, spiders, storms, earthquakes, loneliness, to name a few. To avoid them, you must have confidence in yourself, evaluate the situation, control your emotions and face reality.

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4. Post-traumatic stress

This condition refers to the fact of remembering terrible situations from the past to the point of not being able to sleep or concentrate on the present. Some people who have gone through experiences of rape, robbery, kidnapping, etc., may be prone to this disorder. Attending therapy can help combat this disorder, since the help of a specialist will prevent bad memories from controlling your life.

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We all go through painful situations and problems that put our lives in danger, without being able to avoid it. But the key to controlling anxiety is in our mind, confidence, self-esteem and the ability to overcome fear.

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