Do You Spend Too Much Money Eating Out While You Work? How To Fix It

If you’ve been doing math and you’ve already noticed that you’re spending a lot of money on street food, you’re gaining weight, or your health is deteriorating because you’re not eating healthy, you definitely need to get on your feet and attend to your needs.

The balance always showed red numbers. It happened to me: I woke up with the exact time to shower, get ready and run to the office. I did not eat breakfast and of course I did not prepare anything to take away and eat for lunch, therefore I was spending on buying food every day and my wallet was crying! I ate what was there, so I got sick to my stomach, contracted salmonella, and gained considerably in weight. Red numbers on the pockets and on health.

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So, whether for health, finances or to make important personal habits, consider putting into practice these five tips to improve your diet and take care of your pocket, that time is not for buns:

1. Have a good breakfast

There is no other way: you should get up a little earlier. Yes, I too want to spend until the last possible minute in my bed, but trust me, the consequences of getting up early are always positive.

All you need to do is get out of bed 15 minutes before your usual time so that you have time to have breakfast, at least a smoothie or a bowl of cereal or oatmeal with fruit! Many say they are not hungry when they get up, but that can be remedied, it is a matter of habits.

The night before, prepare what you will have for breakfast, that will save you a lot of time. Eating breakfast will nourish your brain, keep you alert, you can focus better on your work, and it will take you longer to need other food.

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2. Bring food to work

Find a lunch box and some small containers where you can take your food to the office. Personally, this was a difficult habit to achieve, because it was not easy for me to carry everything to the office and I often forgot the food or the containers, but with a little perseverance and determination now it is a good habit.

The night before, leave your lunch box ready in the refrigerator or in the office store canned food that can be useful to you and that, due to multiple occupations or tasks, helps you get out of trouble.

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3. Drink liquids

Preferably tea, natural water or prepared from some fruit (without sugar, or very little, almost nothing). Take little by little from your thermos and soon your liquid consumption will be reflected in your good work and intestinal transit.

4. Eat seeds and nuts

Sometimes during the day or if stress and office work increase, the body asks you for “something to eat”; If this happens to you, prepare small nutritious snacks: a fruit and seeds such as toasted walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, corn or wheat; dried fruit and some yogurt sprinkles.

Don’t give in to the treats, sugar, or empty carbs. Drink water and eat some raisins, you will see that you will feel much better.

5. Don’t eat on the street

Make a firm resolution to never eat again in street stalls, for economy, but mainly for hygiene. No place of this type guarantees hygiene in the conservation, preparation and service of food.

It cost me dearly to learn this lesson: I wasted my resources on medical care and medications, I lost cheap days of work, and my body suffered from salmonella and typhoid. There really is no need for this.

Make your budget and organize your expenses and your meals, in this way you will have greater power over your finances, your health and your willpower. And if all this was not enough, you will feel very good about yourself!

Give yourself an idea of ​​the path you should follow.

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