Do You Love Your Children? Trust Your Dreams And Decisions

Is your son about to choose a profession? Give him the opportunity to choose for himself and be his guide on the path of life.

Laura is just out of high school (high school or junior college) and has done well on her state college entrance exams. The career you want to study is not found in any of the universities in your hometown, which is why you have to start a new life in another city.

Laura’s father, who is not only overprotective but also controlling, did not think the idea of ​​”letting his daughter go to live in another world” seemed at all, so he determined that she would not leave and that what she should to do was study in the city near them. Left with no other choice, Laura, against her wishes, chose a career that was not entirely to her liking at a local university, all in order to please her father.

The dilemma

Many young adults in making a choice about what they want to do about their lives are faced with the choice of doing what they want or pleasing their parents. Decision-making becomes somewhat chaotic because many times parents expect their children to either follow the same profession or trade that they perform, continue with the “family tradition,” or study what they could not study due to lack of resources. . In any of the three cases, it is not the will of the child that prevails, if not the expectation of the father, and from no point of view, whatever the justification they want to give, is the right thing and the best for the life of a child. young.

Why does a father want to choose the future of a son?

The reasons can be several but not the only ones, since that depends on the idiosyncrasy of each person. One of the reasons could be that the father does it with the best intention, since he makes an excuse from his life experience to make that choice. At other times, what can happen is that the father does not trust his child’s power of discernment to choose for himself and takes matters into his own hands without even considering his opinion. Another possible reason is to maintain control over the son, since he does not consider that he is capable enough to choose for himself.

Don’t choose instead

I repeat: nothing is an excuse to take the right to choose for the children. Advice will always be well received but as a father or mother you must respect your child, their choices and also their dreams. Your child will appreciate your support, guide and guide him in each of his steps, for those you must take care of yours already that he or she will be proud and happy to have you as a source of strength and inspiration.

Don’t be disappointed in your son because he didn’t follow in your footsteps. Instead, feel joy for having raised a child capable of choosing a good path in life wisely. The best experiences are obtained not from what is achieved in life, but from every good experience that can be enjoyed as a family.

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