Do You Know What Story They Will Read Today?

Reading together has multiple benefits, but do you know how to instill a love of reading in your children? Come see, I’ll tell you how.

The habit of reading has to be an entertaining process. Give it dynamism and joy so that children fall in love little by little with the fascinating world of letters. And it should never be an imposed matter, as if a straitjacket were donned under the guise of growth and entertainment. And for this I recommend that you consider the following steps before choosing a book for your young children, considering that there are different books for different ages :

Must have attractive colors

The different shades attract much more attention than if they are presented with books in black and white.

They should not have a lot of text

Children expect the story to be short, easy to understand and with a vocabulary that is within their reach, so it is preferable that as they grow and develop the amount of text also increases.

Make sure it contains clear images

When children begin to discover books they look for images that can guide their thoughts towards the development of the story, so it is very useful to buy stories that contain a large number of pictures that are clear and simple.

Create a place to keep all the books

It is important that they allocate a place that is safe, comfortable and easily accessible so that children can easily search for their favorite books.

Teach them to love books

Worry about teaching them how to take a book, to browse them carefully and the importance of taking proper care of them; that is to say, that they refrain from scratching them, breaking the sheets and mistreating them.

Make reading a moment of accompaniment

Read together, discuss the stories, ask them questions to find out if they have understood well what the story wants to say, clarify the meaning of new words; all this will help you to expand your vocabulary.


. Every time you go to read, make sure that nothing can interfere at that time: turn off the television or radio, leave your cell phones away so that you are not tempted to look at them from time to time. And finally, indulge in a bonding moment that will strengthen you, broadening the horizons of the imagination of the whole family.

Read aloud

This will not only benefit children, but it will also help them improve their reading speed and intonation.

Point with your finger where they are reading

This helps children to follow the rhythm of the story and to become familiar with how to read, that is, from left to right and until the end of each sentence.

The interesting thing is that reading helps us all in many aspects that perhaps we do not know, among them we can find the following benefits: it stimulates the imagination; Reading teaches children to think, expands vocabulary and expression capacity, helps to resolve conflicts and allows them to enjoy different places, fun and mysterious situations, enigmatic and endearing characters, helps to acquire and develop the ability to write, and multiple teachings. But, without a doubt, the most important thing of all is that it allows us to integrate as more united families and grow together.

And you, do you know what story they will read today?

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