Do You Have These Habits With Your Partner? Then You Are Happy

Find out if you have these habits in your marriage to see if you are happy.

During the day, she tidied up the house, prepared food, and looked after the children. When the time for her husband to arrive approached, she watched the clock, prepared slippers, a newspaper, and a cup of coffee.

Many times he was silent when he spoke, he did not usually intervene in family finances, much less show affection in front of the children.

As if it were some kind of routine in which he should not fail, since those habits worked for him to keep his marriage happy. I’m talking about my grandparents, who stayed together for 50 years.

However, all relationships are different, what for some works for others not, it all depends on the customs and the way in which we were educated.

Just as my grandparents formed a successful marriage thanks to their habits, I can confess that I have mine too. That is why I share them:

  1. We’re connected

Many times I do not have to say what I want or need, since my husband knows what I am thinking and require, as if it were a form of telepathy that allows us to communicate and understand each other.

We even say the same phrases and act very similar. We are emotionally connected! Our habit is to recognize that we never finish knowing each other and that we always learn something different from both. For this reason we are connected.

  1. Recognition

 It could be called habit or custom, always recognizing the successes of one and the other. We always think about the good and positive things, focusing on motivation.

I’m proud of you! I see you’ve tried hard! I like your sense of humor! I love you!

  1. Respect

In the midst of conflicts, emotions often explode and usually things are said that are not meant to be said and consequently you come to insult and hurt the person you love.

In my marriage we have a rule which is forbidden to break, it is about mutual respect.

  1. We save the devices

Quality time is important for a healthy and happy marriage. Therefore, when we are together we tend to put aside devices such as cell phones or computers, avoiding all distractions in order to give us the attention we need.

  1. Equity and equality in responsibilities

In my case, we both work and contribute to the family finances. So for equality and equity, we established a list of responsibilities that we carry out in order to live in harmony.

For example: when I cook my husband has to wash the dishes among other things.

  1. Indulge

Life often becomes boring, full of obligations to fulfill. However, my husband and I know how to pamper ourselves to break with routine, fatigue and responsibilities.

Sometimes we surprise each other with a treat or go out for a walk, even go to the movies or dinner, as a way to release stress and strengthen love.

  1. Common goals

Our goals change every month or year. What we do is write and talk about what we want, setting realistic goals to know where to direct our efforts and achieve dreams easier and faster.

  1. Privacy

Intimacy is fundamental in all marriages and I do not mean just having sex, but it goes further, it is about having the freedom to express what you think.

Our room is a sacred space for both of us, in which it has helped us to resolve conflicts and find solutions to our concerns. One habit we do is never sleep angry.

  1. to thank

The habit of giving thanks is something my husband and I always do. We thank God for what we have, so we feed our spirituality, faith, even after eating or before going out, we usually bless ourselves.

We also thank each other as a way to value what we do for each other.

Communication, commitment and respect are key to establishing good habits as a couple and achieving a successful marriage.


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