Do You Bite Your Nails? You Could Endanger Your Life By Contracting Any Of These 5 Diseases

Nail biting is a very common habit for many people of all ages. However, few know the dangers of this harmful practice.

Nail biting is a very common habit for many people of all ages. However, few know the dangers of this harmful practice.

The bad habit of biting or “biting” the nails is known as onychophagia. Although many people associate it with a practice derived from stress or nervousness, many are unaware that this habit has serious consequences for those who practice it excessively. A few years ago a British football referee died of an infection from nail biting. John Gardener, 40, died of a heart attack when he was in recovery after undergoing surgery to remove the tip of one of his fingers that had been almost totally undone by this insane practice.

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Many people feel embarrassed about the appearance of their nails after a long time biting them as the fingers get numb, the nails are too short and the appearance of the fingers and hands in general declines. Beyond aesthetics, nail biting is a bad habit that can directly affect health.

1. Infections

Paronychia is an infection that affects the skin around the fingernails and toenails. In general, it affects the cuticles, so this condition affects those who, in addition to biting their nails, pull the cuticles or “little skin” on their fingers. In an advanced stage of infection, the nail may begin to separate from the skin and peel off. Finger sucking and ingrown toenails can also lead to paronychia.

2. HPV

Warts on the fingers are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are common among children. These types of warts are not the same as those that cause warts on the genitals but they are also highly contagious. They can be easily transmitted from mouth to mouth and to other parts of the body when a person bites their nails or puts their hands in their mouth, as in the case of children.

3. Dental problems

Not only biting nails and cuticles but also finger sucking can lead to oral problems. The way in which a person bites their nails or sucks their thumb over time can cause dental occlusion problems, that is, the way in which the upper teeth meet the lower teeth when closing the mouth. This problem weakens the teeth, wears them down and causes major disorders over time.

4. Bacteria that get sick

Since now, the habit of putting fingers in the mouth, makes millions of bacteria enter our body. Nails are an ideal place for bacteria to proliferate and from there to pass to the rest of the body causing serious diseases. For example, fingernails are one of the favorite locations for bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella. It is important to bear in mind that, although we wash our hands very well with soap and water, there are still traces of dirt and bacteria under our nails. It is important to have a nail brush when washing your hands to remove any remaining dirt.

5. Negative emotions

The quality of life of those who bite their nails is considerably lower than those who do not. Being a practice associated with stress and emotional disorders, tension increases when those who suffer from this bad habit try to stop it. This pressure they feel and the need to stop doing it, but without being able to fulfill the objective, is what causes this to negatively influence their life, thus increasing stress. Ask someone you know who bites their nails why they do it and ask them why they can’t stop, and you will be surprised by their answers.

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Like any habit, nail biting is something difficult to stop doing overnight. However, with some persistence and will, people can end this urge to put their fingers in their mouth. Cutting your nails very short, consciously identifying why you are biting your nails and using some home remedies are some tricks to apply if you want to stop with this bad habit. If you suffer from this habit, do not be discouraged, just think that it is something bad for your health and with time you will see positive results.

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