Do Not Despair, Soon Everything Will Pass

A good attitude in the midst of problems is the difference between suffering and a quick exit from difficulties.

When a personal catastrophe begins, you never know when it will end. It may last for days, but it may also go on for weeks, months, or even years; I know well about that.

From my own experience I can say that sometimes it is very difficult to get up every day, keep fighting and strive to stay afloat ; even so, it is necessary to do so and not decay. Clear! staying in good spirits every day through years of trials and hardships is impossible. I am not going to deceive you, you have the right to deny and be sad, but it is also your duty to do everything possible to move forward; otherwise you will fall into an even deeper abyss which is calledhopelessness.

How to stay afloat

What I learned after many falls, and I do whenever I have tests, is to ask God what I should learn from that situation. He asked for guidance because he did not understand what he had done to deserve so much anguish. In that search for answers, I found that one is not necessarily “paying” for something they did wrong, they are trials and events that are intended to make you strong and brave.

I understood one day that life is a school. When you study, they give you classes, you do homework, and the teachers “take the lesson.” The purpose of “testing yourself” is to know how much you learned in that time invested in your education. Those exams or midterms are the problems of life. It is as if existence is asking you:  “Will John be ready for a greater test or for a great blessing?” We are going to give him a test and see how much he learned and resists ». And that happens every so often in our lives.

I also opted for a form of escape. What I did after a particularly difficult day was imagine a near and happy future. One where my mother, my sister and I did not have so many difficulties.

I clung “tooth and nail” to various sayings or sayings that said: “After the storm, calm comes” and / or ” There is always a light at the end of the tunnel . And I dreamed of that calm and the tunnel light every day.

The solution arrived

But as I opted for those little mental escapes, I learned tobe happy with what I could have. This is how I chose to enjoy my adolescence and youth with my family. I also began to devour all the adventure books, suspense or whatever, to spend my free time entertaining in something other than watching television. I learned to be happy in the midst of problems, to be grateful for my blessings and to be happy with what I had… Then, the problems little by little came to an end.

After the pain comes the blessing

So is. When I learned to be happy with what I had in my hands, with my family, things began to change for the better. Yes, I must admit that from time to time there were problems, but nothing to drown me in such a way as in yesteryear; that, or at least I no longer perceived problems as shackles that bound me and impeded my progress and happiness.

Problems can be a stone or a stepping stone, you choose

That is something I also learned. Stones in the path of life there are every day; you choose if you stand looking at it, or jump it. You can also use that stone as a stepping stone to climb to another level in your life. Whatever the option, it’s better than complaining.

The interesting thing is that when you realize that you learned to overcome your difficulties easily, to be happy, to laugh and not to complain; what you perceive as problems, cease to be problems to be lessons that will make you stronger, braver, but everything depends on yourattitude.

The end is for you to be humble, grateful and generous

The tests, what they want is that you are worthy of your blessings. You may or may not agree, I understand that because I questioned the following for years.

For me it was unfair that there were so many people with “good lives and without so many problems” who, according to me, did not deserve it. So I lived bitter for a while, until I realized that I did not know anything about the lives of those people; therefore, he did not know if they suffered or not.

I learned to live my life without comparing it with those of others ; It is not only hateful, but insane and irrational. Everyone’s life is different and we all suffer to a greater or lesser extent, that is not changed by the perception of others.

“Do you have a lot of money, health, love and happiness?”, Because they did something right to deserve it. That, or they will just soon have to pass the test to deserve what they have, but that is none of our business. The situation is that each of us lives his own Gethsemane, and that does not have to be analyzed by anyone.

You are a stone that requires shine or shape

Now the role of life’s trials is to polish you up. Think of yourself as a gemstone or a giant piece of stone that is shapeless and rough to the touch.

Well, each test is a blow to the chisel or the sandpaper of a polisher that files the sharpest points. Each touch of these elements shapes the stone or polishes the jewel. So for a very long time until you shine or become a beautiful sculpture. It is then when you recognize yourself as someone of value to you, yours and society.

What all of us must learn is to be of good cheer, to get up when we are down, to be grateful and to ask for help when we can no longer do it. It will not take long for you to realize that the problems will be less great and painful when you learn to have faith and strength to resist and be grateful for what you have.

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