Do Men Really Notice What Women Wear? Social Experiment Shows Women Changing Clothes Five Times During A Date With Incredible Results

We change to make us look pretty, but what scientists see about men has left us all with an OPEN MOUTH.

A few days ago the Daily Mail surprised us all with a social experiment that aimed to find out if men are capable of realizing what women use when dating and the results have left us speechless.

It all started with an investigation that tried to reveal if the “blindness theory of change” was true, because according to various studies, women could drastically change our appearance and men would not realize it.

To achieve the final objective, various scenarios were used, ranging from a night out for a couple who have been together for several years, to a first date. The experiment looked for women who participated voluntarily and some actresses. This with the sole purpose of testing the men who would participate, for this they changed their clothes and accessories several times during the night and the result was overwhelming: of participants only 1 was able to notice that their partner had made a change.

So that you can see more or less how things happened, I leave you a summary of how an appointment was set and what happened in each of them:

Laura Reeves had the first date with Luke Holland, they both met through Tinder (a platform that allows you to meet people and make appointments) on the same day of their appointment.

At the meeting she changed her clothes 4 times, including her shirt (shirt, top, shirt), jacket, shoes, accessories and even her pants and although it sounds incredible he was unable to notice it.

The second date starred Robbie and Janelle, who have been in a stable relationship for over 5 years.

She made 5 wardrobe changes this time, including her accessories and he was only able to notice the last change because he surprised Janelle by taking off her skirt under the table.

The third date was starring Helena Michell, an actress who changed her clothes 3 times during the date with Rich Lomas. However, Rich noticed some changes and asked Helena if she had done something with her clothes, but she denied it and he believed her, so he also did not seriously notice if she had changed something or not.

The fourth appointment was in charge of Oli Burkhill and Rhonwen Cash. They both met through a mutual friend. In this case, Rhonwen changed his look 3 times during the match.

In this case, he did get confused and couldn’t stand his curiosity and asked her what color her pants were, but he was never able to assure him that she had changed them and that is why they did not look the same as the ones she had when they met.

And the last date was in charge of Yasmine Alice and Janis Krumins, who had a love relationship for 6 months, however he was unable to notice any change in his partner, despite the fact that she made 3 changes of clothes during the night .

Given the results, the scientists managed to determine that the blindness theory of change is true, men are unable to notice the changes made by their partners. But this not only proves that many times they are not paying enough attention, but also that just as they are unable to see small changes, they will also be able to miss big events.

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