Do Husbands Robbers Exist? What Motivates Them?

Sometimes they start out as friends with them or their wives, fans or dedicated collaborators, so that they become part of the environment until, at last, they are the “environment” themselves.

The input response is: Yes! However, I must add that it is one thing for them to want to “steal” them, and another for them to want to let themselves “steal.” But the truth is that, indeed, there are women who like men who are already engaged, and not only do they have no qualms about conquering them, but they take pride in it, and even make fun of wives.

This specimen, in general, is provocative, makes being pleasant his modus operandi , and seduction a game in which he does not like to lose. Sometimes they start out as friends with them or their wives, fans or dedicated collaborators, so that they become part of the environment until, finally, they are themselves the “environment.”

Detecting them is not easy, even worse, stopping them, since, generally, women see threats everywhere, and we already know what the fable of the young man and the wolf says: by dint of frightening so much with the same story, nobody believe. Besides, it is difficult for men to agree with us on an issue in which they enjoy attention.

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Four reasons for husbands stealing

1. Your insecurities

They feel that they don’t have what it takes to win a man from “scratch,” so they play it safe with people who will appreciate the care and emotion that a relationship represents that takes them out of marital monotony. Nobody forces them, but we all know that there are circumstances that make us vulnerable, and if their married life is monotonous and routine, it is easy for them to open a front door.

2. They look for people who are not afraid of commitment

If it costs us something to women, it is to make a man take the step towards marriage. However, married couples have already overcome this fear, so they know that if they can conquer them, they will most likely be able to say yes to them as well.

3. They want financial security

Much or little, but a married man is a person who can economically with himself and with the responsibility of a home; That is why they know, or at least trust, that they will be able to take care of them, and hence they are so tempting.

4. Satisfy your ego

The lack of values ​​means that everything that is attractive to them, including married men of course, must belong to them, so they don’t mind destroying other people’s lives if they indulge in that.

Broadly speaking, this is the psychology of women who go through life hunting married; however, it is not the only thing. Another attractive point in marital status is the conservation of the species. Generally, married couples have children, just as men see their reproductive capacity in the round shapes of women, so do women in ready-made families.

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There are no antidotes to them. They exist and will always exist. And that they are not successful in your company will depend on each marriage, the values ​​of each one and the degree of commitment with which they see each other. The thief, they say, is need plus opportunity and, ultimately, need is what they denote with their behavior; Whether or not we give them the opportunity is up to us.

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