Divorce Is Not A Possibility

A person who is sufficiently committed will not embark on the marriage journey if he believes that he is not ready, and if he does, his decision is serious, measuring the reality of the agreement he signs and the duty he acquires.

With the mentality of “If it doesn’t work, I get divorced”, many come to the altar. Which implies the lack of awareness of the commitment involved in getting married. When the couple decides to strengthen their bond under the marital oath, they must know that it will take more than love to stay together, and that divorce is the last resort to resort to in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

This note also contemplates other aspects to take into account before taking the big step of joining the person you love under God’s blessing, and rejecting the idea of ​​divorce as an option from the outset in case things do not go as you expect:

Love in marriage is transformed

During the first years of marriage, the couple experiences a more passionate love, more tied to the physical and all those sensations that falling in love awakens. This makes the couple believe that perhaps obstacles or adversities can be overcome only thanks to love. This stage can be longer or shorter depending on the particular dynamics of each marriage.

Over time that love is transformed, and gives way to a love of its own committed, which goes beyond the simple fact of liking each other physically and feeling all that range of overflowing emotions that make one think that without the other it is not possible to live. During this stage dreams are consolidated, and it takes more than love and affection to overcome daily struggles and big problems.

In the end, if everything has gone well, over the years love will become more fraternal, friendship and company will be the perfect manifestation of a mature love that has known how to maintain itself; It will be the sum of all the loves that the couple has gone through.

Understanding this evolution of love will make you understand that to stay united with the person you chose – as a husband or as a wife – you will need more than falling in love. Love in itself is a feeling that can wear out if you lack other ingredients necessary to get afloat and stay in navigation. Look in the linked article for these differences between men and women that will help you know the dynamics of the couple, Women and men are different for the good of all.  


. In order to achieve the true commitment that a stable and lasting marriage requires, it is vital that the members of the couple, individually, have internalized the value of commitment, which denotes the ability to finish what is started, not to give up, to deliver results, to be fully aware of the decisions that are chosen in life, to assume with integrity the consequences that actions entail.

The lack of commitment, on the contrary, is evident in the men and women who, halfway through the easy journey, abandon the marriage ship, sacrificing dreams, but primarily the future of children who need united parents to grow up emotionally healthy . The commitment enables the person to rethink about their conception and position regarding marriage. A committed person will not embark if she believes that she is not ready, and if she does, she must know that her decision is serious, that she measures the reality of the agreement she signs and the duty she acquires.

High tolerance for frustration

. Companies such as marriage or the family require people capable of tolerating failure, and not anchoring themselves in loss; trained to learn from negative experiences and disappointments, making that learning another step in the fulfillment of their dreams and their projects as a couple and as a family.


. Spiritual people tend to be deeper, less given to the superfluous, to physical beauty, to exciting sensations. A spiritual person finds new reasons to stay united with her partner, and the more time passes the more she values the bond that unites them.

Marriage is one of the most rewarding experiences in human existence. Well managed, understood its true meaning, it paves a path of company, friendship, love and unconditional affection. Deciding to marry the person you love implies maturity of thought and commitment to act, where, in addition, divorce is rarely even considered as a possibility.


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