Discover Your Body’s Need Behind The Cravings, And Take Care Of Its Daily Attack

Did you know that there is a very clear message from your body behind the cravings you feel during the day? Read with me how to decipher it and take care of yourself more and better.

Cravings are untimely cravings to eat: a spicy, sweet, salty, sour, or greasy dish. Our body asks for them and many times we succumb to them, supposing that perhaps it happens to us like pregnant women: the body asks for what it needs. Is it so?

According to Dr. David Duarte, a Mexican homeopathic physician at the National Polytechnic Institute, flavors are the language that nature provided to food to dialogue with our body.

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Now, how to translate that language that flavors and cravings give us? What does our body tell us with them? Read this article with me to find out the answers.


By dehydration

The suggestion of many nutritionists, including the health coach Valeria Lozano, is that when we perceive an intense craving, we should have a glass of water, this will help us detect if the craving was a sign of lack of water (which is common to mask with some cravings). If not, it is necessary to look at the causes that I detail below.

By hormonal changes

If you are in menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, the hormonal alterations that you experience may “ask” you to eat certain foods. If you keep track of your cycles, you can be on the lookout if in your more or less fertile days you have a craving for a certain type of food, and that will help you greatly to locate that the craving you have for some food -if you don’t want to satisfy it- will pass in a couple of days. Otherwise, you have the perfect pretext to justify having your favorite ice cream for dessert at least once a month.

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By nutritional needs

The ideal way to ensure that we receive everything that our body requires is to detect the need that each type of craving manifests, because in this way we eat more wisely.

Let’s look at specific examples of cravings that indicate nutritional needs:

Of chocolate

According to Brazilian nutritionist Roberta Silva, the craving for chocolate may be due to a serotonin deficiency. This neurotransmitter regulates appetite, controls body temperature, and balances the desire for intimate relationships. If this is your perfect excuse to eat a chocolate, it is recommended to consume those that are high in cocoa and low in sugar. You can also seek relaxation techniques, or dance, try new and exciting activities, or look for foods rich in tryptophan like pasta, beans, cheese, and banana.

Give sweet foods

According to the expert nutritionist Tatiane de Oliva, having a craving for these foods also reflects a lack of tryptophan. In addition to that, some studies report that long periods of fasting induce a greater production of a hormone called ghrelin, and this leads the individual to seek foods with higher energy density. A suggestion, then, is that you eat more than three meals a day (it is recommended five) and that you seek the foods indicated in the previous point.

Of salty foods

You may feel a craving for salty foods because you have accustomed your body to consuming this condiment a lot, and when it does not receive it in the same amount, it demands it. It’s also common to feel anxious when starting a low-salt diet. In case you are not abusing salt, nor are you following a low sodium diet, this craving reflects the lack of minerals in your body.

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Emotional hunger

To make this topic even more interesting, let me tell you that according to the aforementioned Dr. Duarte, there are several keys to knowing how to read the body’s needs in flavors. For this Mexican doctor, UNANI medicine is the dictionary that will help us to always be aware of what our spirit and body are looking for. The doctor explains that each type of craving has certain characteristics that we can use to complement our physical and emotional needs. I share them:

Properties of sweet foods : they are appropriate for the liver because they soften aggressive emotions, but it is very important to moderate their intake because their excess affects the pancreas. They favor nervous, anxious or aggressive people; however, in melancholic people they generate rapid emotional addiction.

Salty Food Properties : Salt strengthens the weak mind-heart and improves concentration. Those who benefit most from its consumption are nervous and thin people. As the flavor that is experienced in food increases, its excess can lead to hedonism (seeking pleasure for pleasure).

Properties of acidic or sour foods : they act on the liver, counteract the effects of fats and release obstructions. It is the precise food to align mind and heart.

Properties of spicy foods : they help to expel gas, stimulate circulation, mobilize the liver, decongest the lungs. The predominant emotion of this flavor is joy, and in excess it leads to anger. It is recommended for phlegmatic people.

Bitter food properties : it is the most healing and least appreciated flavor. Cleans arteries and lowers blood pressure. The predominant emotion of bitterness is dissatisfaction, which causes a desire for change, but in excess it causes bitterness.

Now you are fully “armed” to listen to your body and seek complete health that will help you give your heart to your family and your dreams. Don’t waste a minute!

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