Did You Take Penicillin During Pregnancy Or Did You Give It To Your Children? Science Discovers A Terrible Consequence

Find out how this common antibiotic affects your unborn baby …

The world of medicines is very extensive: there is a great variety of classifications and styles, but in a fact that when an infection is suffered in a part of the body, the medicines that are usually prescribed to really attack the virus or bacteria that is generating that condition is antibiotics.

Science has debated whether or not it is appropriate for a pregnant woman to consume this type of medicine during pregnancy since it could generate a series of consequences, and more than in them, in newborns. That is why and so that you have it much clearer, below you will know some of the effects that they can generate, do not be alarmed, but have this information at hand.

So if I should take them?

According to some articles published by Gerald Briggs, a clinical pharmacist specialist, comments that when an antibiotic is taken during pregnancy, it is almost inevitable that the baby in her womb is affected by the consumption of this type of medicine; However, he mentions that not taking them to cure the disease (because many women prefer to endure the disease so as not to harm their baby) can have worse consequences, and in a smaller number of cases, but latent, which is a mortal danger.

What effects can take one or the other antibiotic?

To make it a little clearer, we share the information explained by the aforementioned author, who says that:

In the event that the woman suffers from a vaginal infection, which is quite common during pregnancy, many doctors usually prescribe metronidazole to be able to cure them, which, it is said, can cause some defects in their formation in newborns.

When you have a urinary tract infection, doctors use nitrofurantoin. Of this, it is said that it is imperative that it be stopped when a pregnant woman is 36 weeks or is close to having her baby, since the consumption of this antibiotic has been associated with the latent possibility of destroying some red blood cells in the your baby’s blood.

Trimetropin is the name of another of the antibiotics that is prescribed for urinary tract infections, but its consumption is also associated with other risks to the health of the mother and the child, since what this drug produces is to block the effect generated by folic acid, which helps to strengthen bones. Streptomycin is used for the treatment of tuberculosis, which is not very frequent in a pregnant woman, but if this happens, it is also dangerous, since its consumption is associated with hearing loss in babies.

The best

Finally, Tetracycline is a medicine that is frequently used to treat some respiratory infections or also acne breakouts. If taken during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, some studies have indicated that this could cause the baby’s teeth to change color when they grow out.

Now you know! Be very careful when you go to take any medication, remember that the most important thing is that you discuss it with your doctor and between the two of you they can reach an agreement.

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