Did You Know That People Can Tell If You Are Jealous Or Not By How You Dress? Well, A Study Confirms It

A study reveals whether or not you are jealous just because of the clothes or accessories you buy. Read more in the following article, I promise you will like it …

It is difficult to get to know what or how a person feels about a specific issue, what is good if it happens is that through their appearance and other external signals (gestures and posture) conclusions can be drawn about it.

When you’re dating someone and you’re just getting to know each other, it can become a bit difficult to know if your partner is possessive. Well, there are signs that can make it clear.

The “Journal of Consumer Psychology” will publish a study in July of this year that, through 5 experiments, have revealed that the more a person is inclined to buy and wear flashy clothes, the more jealous and possessive they will be.

They have also concluded that jealousy makes the person want to capture the attention of their partner. This is what leads possessive people to choose objects that attract a lot of attention, even if it attracts it in a negative way because what they wear is in very bad taste.

Jealousy, damn jealousy

Everyone prays that jealousy arises due to the insecurity that a person may feel when a rival (real or imaginary) appears on the scene who is perceived as threatening to the relationship.

They can be present whether the bond is friendship or purely loving. Even in relationships between siblings or employees they manifest themselves, as long as there is “something” or someone that threatens the object of interest, jealousy will arise.

In the case of couples, when one of the parties feels that their spouse’s attention is being “stolen” by someone else, they begin to plan stratagems – consciously or not – to try to solve what is happening.

These strategies range from aggressive behavior towards the possible enemy, exaggerated displays of affection in public. As if that were not enough, the jealous person -according to the study- may resort to buying striking and extravagant objects to regain the attention of their partner.

As if that were not enough, several more experiments managed to establish the following conclusions:

  • They found that the desire to get attention could outweigh being publicly humiliated, even if that means getting a bad reputation.

  • Jealous people show a preference for flashy clothes and like to wear them when they know they will be in public, because they believe it necessary to reaffirm their appearance, which does not happen if they are in private.

Although it may seem shocking, the conductors of the research and subsequent experiments advise the creators of advertising and marketing of clothing manufacturing companies to redirect and take into account people not only because of their age, gender or purchasing power, but also take into account the character of the people, that way you can reach a wider audience, yes, even those who are jealous and possessive.

To be frank, I do not know how counterproductive it can be to affirm the above, encouraging people to be volatile and possessive for monetary reasons can be very profitable for the fashion industry, not for the lives of people in general, since that would further incentivize harmful and even self-destructive behaviors.

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