Did You Get A Pap Smear During Pregnancy? Discover The Consequences Or Benefits

Are you pregnant but don’t know if you should have a pap smear? Opinions are divided between your acquaintances and family, but what is really good for your baby?

One of the most frequent doubts in pregnant women is about how beneficial or harmful it is to have a Pap smear (PAP). There is a fear on the part of some people about whether this evaluation may affect the fetus inside the woman’s body at any time during pregnancy or about the existence of a particular period in which it is more advisable to do it or on the contrary, it is not you should touch that area due to the procedure for this test that involves obtaining samples of cells from the cervix to be analyzed for any possible signs of cancer in that area.

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The rate of cervical cancer during pregnancy in developed countries is about 240 new cases per million pregnancies ( Committee on Practice Bulletins-Gynecology ACOG practice bulletin. Diagnosis and treatment of cervical carcinomas ).

As you can see, this condition continues despite all the information that is given in health centers, advertising in the media and the information that can be found online. The same that on many occasions it is counteracted by the ideas or customs of some people who (perhaps with the best intention of advising you and doing a ‘good’ to you) for lack of scientific information can cause you a major health problem.


The main beneficial point of performing this test pregnant or not, is to detect if you have cancer in time to be able to eliminate it, since otherwise you are risking your life and that of the baby, for this reason this study is commonly carried out in the first months of pregnancy although some doctors prefer to do it before the seventh in order to remove the injured area in time. Along with this test, they will also do other studies with which you can avoid transmitting any disease during pregnancy or at the time of delivery.


Remember that the so-called cervical smear is a totally silent disease and there is no other way to detect it other than through the test on the cervix. Cancer can be in your body from 10 to 20 years without you being aware of its existence due to its almost imperceptible symptoms (the lack of exploration by the woman and of knowledge about it, as well as the ‘taboos’ that still exist in some cultures about it), thus achieving that cervical cancer has spread so much in your body that nothing can be done about it, becoming fatal.

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If you are pregnant and your family, friends or work colleagues have given you different versions as to whether it is recommended or not, put those voices aside and go to your doctor to practice it. It is not only recommended but very necessary that you systematically examine your cervix and treat any disease that is found. After delivery you should also have an inspection of the cervix to rule out any infection or if something is found, to follow up.

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