Decorate Your House For Christmas, Without Spending Too Much

Don’t let the financial crisis spoil the Christmas spirit. Decorate your home with things you already have and let your creativity fly.

Time flies by and the time of year begins which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful in terms of ornamentation: Christmas. Weeks where our homes begin to dress in red and white, or other shades, for the most avant-garde. And it is precisely in this period that the budget shoots up and many times it leads us to have to figure out how to access new decorations that give that magic touch to every corner of our house. But, if you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas that can be very useful for decorating at Christmas on a budget :

Take out those old glasses and create a centerpiece

If you still have some old glasses or one has broken and you do not know what to do with the others, it is time to wash them and find some small ribbons, candles and Christmas flowers to create a delicate centerpiece. How? Well, very easy: you just have to put the glasses inverted, with some small flowers inside (the idea is that they are the tone of the ornaments you have); On the base, you can place a small candle. You can play with the sizes and colors. Your table will look great without spending too much.

Card holder

While very few people today continue to send out paper cards to make fond Christmas greetings, you might consider creating a small wreath with clothespins (clothes dogs), wire, pearls, and a few forgotten ornaments. You just have to make a circle of the size you want with the wire and place the tweezers around it. You can paint it the color you like the most and add ornaments. This creation is very simple and you do not need to use any type of dangerous tool, so it is a good option to share with the smallest of the house.

Tree ornaments

If you like sewing, you can find some scraps of fabric that you have forgotten and start creating some small trees. You only need to cut a triangle and a rectangle for the trunk. You can use as many colors as you want. Finally, to hang them, do not forget to have a transparent thread or a small golden cord on hand.

New cushions

If the passage of time wreaked havoc on the cushions you had in your favorite chair, it’s time to start creating new ones. Don’t throw away the old ones – keep them to remove the filling and get what you can out of them to create some new designs. Here the imagination goes a long way: you can create beautiful “gift packages” on a plain fabric, stick a ribbon and a bow, or you can cut some pretty “pine trees” and with buttons that you no longer use, hang small ornaments .

Always remember that at Christmas the important thing is not to have a large amount of money to be able to beautify every corner of the house, but to start looking for ideas and use the creativity you have, so that everything looks perfect.

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