Cultivate A Hobby And Keep Your Marriage Alive

No matter how many years of married you are, boredom and boredom can destroy your marriage and your life. Take control of your life and your emotions. Joy and good spirits do not come alone, they are a decision.

Women, actually, we are very special and complex. In my personal experience as a marriage counselor, it never ceases to amaze me how many problems at home and marriages originate in a woman’s mind, and interestingly enough, the vast majority of those problems arise because the woman has too much free time. Yes, this is how you read it.

When finding out the schedules, habits and customs of a couple’s life, I try to make them realize that their own behaviors are being harmful and the most difficult part of this process is precisely, to make the woman see that she is not taking advantage your time wisely.

I don’t want you to get me wrong, most of us women have many things to do and we use our time in favor of the family and those around us, but specifically – when there are problems in the marriage relationship – a lot has to do with the happiness of the woman and the degree of satisfaction she has as a mother, wife and wife; and this happiness or personal satisfaction has to do with what she does or does not do.

When a woman is not busy doing something that she likes or that brings her happiness – believe it or not – she seeks to attract the attention of someone, especially her husband and if she does not get it as she would like, she begins to generate some problems such as: appearance diseases, jealousy, excessive purchases and weight gain, among others.

What can we do then?

Woman is a creative being and when she is not exercising this power, she withers. So I invite you to put into practice some of these tips that will surely help you!

1. Find a hobby

When you were a child or adolescent, what did you like to do?: Dance? Sing? It will never be too late to resume or start a sport, a talent or a skill in a playful way and why not? Even professionally. Find a hobby that makes you feel good: taking care of plants, a game, a pet. There are many things that can help you feel better and occupy your time or distract your mind.

2. Propose a project

Whether it’s at home, at your children’s school, the neighborhood, or your community church, your help is needed. Set out to create a garden, write your family’s history, arrange all the family photo albums, make a quilt, visit the family that is far away, the point is that you use your time wisely and this will keep you busy, so so your mind stays healthy.

3. Learn a new skill

Take a class while the children are in school or when they have grown into adults. This can be a great help for a woman and her personal development. Even start, continue or change professions if possible.

4. Play a sport

For women, sport is a priority for health and beauty. If you add to the practice of a physical discipline that your body produces endorphins when you do it, you will have a better attitude, good spirits; and your body and mind will be exhausted and unwilling to generate or seek problems.

5. Make charitable service a reason

When we serve and help others, we forget our own problems, we become more sensitive and humble, we treat others with greater consideration, and this is automatically reflected in our personal relationships.

When a woman is busily determined to do something good, to improve herself and serve others, she has no time for gossip or fights, her attitude improves, she feels and looks more beautiful and attractive, her life stops revolving around at the time and attitude of her husband because she develops her own life, then she is happy and with her her family.

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