Cousins, Those Special Friends That Mark Our Lives Forever

They are almost brothers, they are those friends that we do not choose but that we love to have. Thanks cousins, for the wonderful moments shared!

Having cousins ​​and spending childhood with them is just great. The pranks have more flavor, and the complicity with them increases as the years go by. They are like brothers, and they are also great friends that the family gave us.

When I see my children playing with their cousins, and being pampered by their older cousins, I cannot help but rejoice in that affection, because I did not experience it, and it does me very good to see that my children can enjoy the pleasure of growing up together with his cousins.

I did not have the joy of growing up with my cousins. The ones I have live very far away and I hardly ever see them. In my childhood they were like strangers, and they are also male, something that never allowed me to fully strengthen the relationship, because we did not have much in common.

Therefore, when I see the love that my children profess with their four cousins ​​and cousins, I am disarmed with tenderness, because it is wonderful to forge this bond from the childhood.

Cousins, first friends

Surely you remember moments lived with your cousins ​​from the earliest childhood. It is that, they begin to be our friends since we are very young, and it is thanks to family love that this relationship advances and is perpetuated over time.

Cousins ​​are the first friends with whom we learn to share, to play, to honor the family and we even learn the value of reconciliation after fights.

Life may take us away after a while, but those memories are burned in our hearts. Therefore, it is always important to relive those memories with them, in meetings and encounters.

A complicity without age limits

Whether the cousins ​​are few or many years apart, complicity will always be the order of the day. With them we learn to be strong, not to be afraid, to climb and jump, and to know the value of brotherhood and friendship.

They will be part of the first memories of childhood, and that is why it is so important to nurture that relationship and honor it, because it is a loyal friendship and blood, which has a very strong bond based on the love of children. brothers, fathers or mothers.

They are protection and company

Living with cousins ​​is often a peace of mind for parents. Cousins ​​take care of each other like brothers, they protect and watch each other. When children share moments in childhood or adolescence with their cousins, parents feel safer because there is that intimate bond between them that commits them to the responsibility of caring for each other.

With older cousins, children feel cared for and protected. And when it is the other way around, it is wonderful to see how they intend to protect the smallest of the family.

Christmas and family parties with the cousins ​​are memories that are marked by fire; Well then, as the years go by, there will be many stories to tell to your children at the family table.Having a gang of cousins ​​is just fantastic, both for the kids and their parents.

Foster the bond

My children adore their cousins ​​and cousins. With the little ones, they spend hours of games and adventures; spending time with them is cause for fun and crazy occurrences. Together with his cousins, who are already teenagers, they spend warm moments talking, or painting, and sometimes even playing rough. They have cousins ​​to choose from, of all tastes, and they are very lucky for it.

My husband and his brother organize “cousins’ day” every year, where each one meets with his entire family, and everyone makes an effort not to miss it. It is nice to witness that meeting, because even though the years pass and everyone is adults, affection prevails and it is as if time had never passed. The anecdotes begin to emerge and they laugh over and over again at those childhood adventures.

Fostering the bond with cousins ​​is a task of the parents. We are the ones who must nurture that love in a sincere and respectful way. Promoting encounters, always speaking well of them, not making differences with one or the other, and helping fraternal affection grow day by day.

Some of these actions to promote family ties are:

Propose more family gatherings

Intervene in disputes and advocate for reconciliation

Always maintain fluid contact

Schedule family vacations

Never speak ill of cousins

A true family tribe

When there are many children in a family, suddenly you will find many of them running around the house on the ninth’s birthday, or laughing and screaming at New Years dinner.

Even for those couples who have only one child, the cousins ​​come to represent that blood brother, and this is extremely positive. The cousins ​​make up a true family tribe, where there should be mutual support and solidarity, so that these children grow up emulating the behavior of adults, and that fraternal relationship is never broken.

The bond with the cousins ​​is forever. They are our roots and our history in the tree of life. Thank you cousins ​​for the wonderful moments!

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