Couple Invites Then-president Barack Obama And His Wife To Their Wedding; Their Response Left Half The World With Their Mouths Open

Michelle reveals the 7 secrets of happiness in her marriage and we all want the same

A simple gesture full of congratulations and good omens

A greeting card full of good omens was what Liz Whitlow received in response to her wedding invitation, which she sent to Barack Obama and Michelle while they were still in the White House.

According to the Daily Mail, Liz decided to send her wedding invitation to then President Barack Obama and his wife.

In March of this year, the brand new bride received a congratulations card in response, written and signed by the presidential couple. Liz’s daughter, Brooke Allen, recently found the letter, and decided to upload it to social networks, on twitter, causing astonishment to more than 45,000 people, thus becoming viral news.

The question of the surprised is how was this possible?

Brooke clarifies that it is possible to send invitations to the White House through the Office of Special Greetings located on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, and only the President and his wife can answer them in person.

Of course neither the president nor his wife attended the wedding, however they sent a card in response with a lovely note that reads like this:

¬ęCongratulations on your wedding, we hope your marriage is full of blessings of love, joy and happiness; and may your votes grow strong through the years. This occasion is the beginning of a long journey together, and as you embark on this journey, know that they have our best wishes of happiness for you and for all the way that you have to go.

The Obama marriage

As is public knowledge, Michelle and Barack are considered an example as marriage and parents, not only during the Barack Presidency, but also before and after.

And although I’m sure they are not perfect, at least they are a public family that leaves a sweet taste in the mouth when it comes to them and their marriage relationship.

Of course, before talking about them as a couple, it is important to note that each one presents characteristics individually as people, which leads to their relationship being what it is.

Michelle, for example, is described as an extremely humble and kind woman, on the other hand it is said of Barack, that beyond being a great speaker who knows how to express ideas and feelings appropriately, she has a very good sense of humor. , excellent qualities for the success of any endeavor.

An article published by shares the key to success as a couple according to Michelle Obama:

  • Teamwork, not competing professionally with each other.

  • Children learn from observing, more than from what we tell them. Show them the respect and love of a partner through example.

  • Man is directly advised to take care of his own flower. When she looks splendid it is because he is always watching and watching.

  • For her the success of a couple lies in honesty, commitment and selfless love, and not in the wealth they possess.

  • Choose those around you, with which friends you are going to share your married life.

  • Both must shoot for the same side.

  • Do not abuse the trust, respect, or loyalty that your partner has towards you.

And in your house, how are them?

It is very encouraging to see couples that despite the difficulties and setbacks of life, they are still together.

Although many ways or keys to a successful marriage have been shared, the truth is that there is no magic wand for happiness, but hard work, selfless love, and a lot of patience.

Here I share some questions for you to evaluate, in matters of marital relationship:

According to experts, every married couple must answer these questions to be happy:

  • Do I listen to the opinion of the other, do I not judge even if I disagree?

  • Once the couple is established, do I extend my joy to the group of friends’ relationships?

  • Even though I’m in a couple, do I keep my privacy area?

  • Do I allow my partner to have freedom?

  • Do we respect intimate moments as private, and do we allow ourselves to change, improve and grow together?

  • Can my partner speak, and / or express their feelings without feeling judged?

  • Can you calmly refuse to do unwanted actions, without worrying that your partner will be angry or upset?

  • Do you solve financial situations together?

  • Do you work as a team for a single cause?

An endless questionnaire

In matters of love, couple and family, we can ask ourselves everything to improve, and in the end that is what life is about, to learn the lessons we need, to improve and help others with our examples, without criticizing ourselves, with patience, time and mutual respect.

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