Cooking For The Nutrition Of Your Family

Nowadays, leading a sedentary life is the most common. Therefore, it is of great importance to return to the kitchen and rescue the nutritional value of our food for the health of your family.

The modern family has changed in many ways throughout history, a fact that forces us to recognize that each family has different needs, so it is important to emphasize that we cannot generalize when we speak of a single family food need. What we can affirm is the diversity of gender and ages in a family, facts that make the nutritional requirements of each other different. In the same way, daily activities and situations that must be faced every day, lead to different nutritional needs.

For this reason, here I share a list of useful and fun tips that will encourage you to meet the nutritional needs of your family, while helping you take care of their health, promote values ​​and good communication.

1. Simple cooking

Being a modern housewife, you will surely have the opportunity to talk with your children about what they like to eat. Generally it is very easy to please the tastes of young children, so do not complicate it, chopped fruit, smoothies, yogurt with raisins, thin soups, are simple and nutritious dishes. I recommend you be practical and not complicate yourself too much.

However, with older children it is another story, since their tastes with respect to food and flavors, are complicated. We could say that hamburgers, hot dogs and hot cakes are usually the favorite dishes for many, so we must concentrate on their preparation and nutritional balance being adequate to avoid health complications. For this, I recommend you do a weekly menu planning, so you will keep track of the food you eat and you can better balance them. Seek that everyone in the family learn with you how to prepare hamburger meat or the chosen menu so that it is nutritious and healthy, they will surely have fun and learn new things.

Currently, many young people are inclined to consume highly nutritious organic foods, so if your children are up to this, ask them for their help to cook a nutritious salad with grandmother’s style or invent their own dishes mixing nutritious and healthy ingredients.

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2. Same power base

Surely in your house it happens the same as in mine, everyone has different tastes in terms of food. However, there are bases that will help you maintain a healthy family diet, no matter what tastes each of the members of your family has. An example of a good base is to always have rice, beans, pasta, vegetables, citrus, spices, meat, fish and seafood. In this way, if your family likes pasta, some will like it with chicken, others with shrimp and everyone can complement it with vegetables; remember that simplicity is the foundation of family nutrition.

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3. Varied nutrition

Ask for the help of all the members of the family so that each week they vary the foods they are going to prepare and eat, for example: one week of pasta, vegetables, meats and the next, legumes, chicken and cereals. You can also design a team rotation plan, in which you assign food preparation and kitchen cleaning. You will see that this activity will liven things up at home a lot and will give a touch of fun for everyone.

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If we seek to improve our diet at home, the whole family will experience a better quality of life. The benefits of this effort will be reflected in the school performance of your children as well as in the work performance of your partner. Remember that a good diet is essential for health and a good mood.

Education begins at home and it is in ours where we must teach our children to have a healthy diet. If we gather around the kitchen and all that this space implies, we will also find a place of coexistence, reflection and trust; As a family we will learn to solve problems together and there will be better communication.

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