Communicate With Your Family!

Text often with your children. Wish them a happy day, ask them how they feel, if they need help with something, tell them how much you love them. What matters is that they know how much you love them, continuously.

This week something happened that made me think about the power and importance of communication. My almost two-year-old baby was sick and couldn’t drink cow’s milk. But when he saw the bottle of milk he asked his father. My husband just said no and put the bottle in the fridge. My baby started crying and kept insisting. So I told my husband to explain why he couldn’t drink milk. All the baby knew was that a day before we offered him milk and today we denied it. Once we explained to him, despite his young age, he understood and stopped insisting.

Communication is essential to have harmony in the home. Let us not think that children cannot understand us. They are very intelligent and if we look for a way to communicate, they will understand us. Many times we can communicate verbally, but we can also do it singing, drawing, or as if we were narrating a story. There are many fun and effective ways to communicate with each other.

The use of technology

Today teenagers use technology a lot, such as cell phones and computers. Let’s take advantage of those means then to communicate with them in a way that they will enjoy. Text often with your children. Wish them a happy day, ask them how they feel, if they need help with something, tell them how much you love them. You can even play a game that they like on their cell phone. That way their tastes are communicated and you will learn what the interests of your children are. Also, you will have a fun time and bond with them more.

Who is not part of a social network today? From the youngest to the most adult. Take advantage of this medium to send small notes to your children. Upload a photo where you are together and say something about them that makes you feel good. That’s one way of communicating and telling them that you love them and that they are important in your life. Talking to a friend on the phone, I told her that communication is the basis of any good relationship. If we want to have happy and lasting relationships, it is necessary that we communicate. Parents should talk with their children daily to be aware of what is happening in their life. We communicate in a loving way by showing interest, concern. In that way, asking how they are and saying I love you is part of our daily routine. Sometimes we think that people already know we love them. But hearing the word I love you makes a big difference in a person’s mood. So say it, don’t assume they already know. At the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I would leave little notes taped to each other on the refrigerator or on the door of the house. It was so much fun finding a new note. Some of those notes said I love you others, “I’ll be late. I’ll be at the bookstore. ” The important thing was to communicate.

When disciplining your children for something they have done, it is very important that you explain in detail why the limits are. That is, I think, the main difference between discipline and punishment: If we don’t communicate why we are doing what we are doing, it may be that they don’t understand what they did wrong. Remember that communication is the basis for a happy and united family.

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