Come Closer To God, He Is Aware Of Your Pain

There are 3 secrets taken from the oldest records, which seem to find us and apply exactly in our busy modern lives.

Over and over again I felt that inside my heart was being oppressed with such force that the heart would lose the battle succumbing to pain and hopelessness. Loneliness, sadness, and disappointment played liltingly in my mind.

I was beginning to fall in love with these ideas. They constantly harassed and flirted my mind as I faced experiences that left a painful void, sucking me into some kind of dark abyss.

My breathing was altered in such a way that it was like being underwater without being able to breathe, trying with all my might to get to the surface. Despair was imminent as he looked down on the far-off surface.

But three incredible secrets awaited me hidden in the wisdom of an ancient book called The Holy Bible. They helped me find what I needed to have peace, security, certainty, and clarity of mind.

These secrets found me

My attention set a new course as I saw and tried to digest the content of wise words. Leafing through the bible, my eyes stopped in amazement at a verse. I sharpened my gaze, and my pupils dilated as much as my understanding at that moment when reading Psalm 56: 8;

“My adventures you have counted; put my tears in your vial; Aren’t they in your book? “

My first reaction was confusion. What was phial?So I looked quickly and realized that it is a small vessel, originally made of ceramic and then glass, wide at the base and narrow to the mouth of the same, useful for pouring liquids. I was surprised because I didn’t know what it was until then.  

Then I went back to read the verse and in a clear voice I read: “Put my tears in your vial” (collect my tears in this small glass or ceramic container) What prayer was this from ask God to put my tears in his vial?

Tears in His vial

How many tears was I talking about? How much sadness would it make my eyes shed to plead with God to put my tears in a jar?

This was the point where what I was experiencing suddenly made sense. I found myself breathing out of that depth where I had found myself. I kept reading that verse over and over again in Psalms. So short and so full of wisdom, so sensitive and so clear about my own dependence on God.

Miraculously the verse found me

Then my attention turned to the phrase in the opening psalm that says: “You have counted my adventures …” I felt a relief, a weight on my back was immediately lifted when I thought that God truly was keeping track of my anguish.

All “my adventures”, the paths traveled and experiences in life, God himself knew this and had them in mind, he had counted them one by one. Always by my side, always there, although not as perceptible to the eye for me at those times.

This brought me back to that feeling I had had on previous occasions where my troubled heart had a warm feeling of peace. Now she understood. It was Him! It was the peace that came from God!

I perfectly remember that fine and delicate feeling. So I recognized that God has been and is still there for me, for you, for everyone.  

Aren’t they (my wanderings and my tears) in your book?

I was already quite in awe by the time I put these first two concepts together. God had been there step by step. He had heard my plea to gather and save my tears.

The psalm still ends with a question from which I was able to learn the depth of the real nature of our relationship with God:  “My adventures you have counted; put my tears in your vial;Aren’t they in your book?

God keep your personal record

Aren’t they in your book? What book? Does God record every walk and tear in His book? A simple truth stood out here and my curiosity led me to the reference marked on the word book to Revelation 3: 5.

“⦗A⦘ He who overcomes … I will not erase his name from the book of life …”

There is a book where God seems to keep a personal record of our lives. And he teaches us that the one who overcomes He will not erase from His book. Amazing! I was humbled and loved by God, and in awe of her personal interest in each of us. Her interest is so great that she has recorded everything about us, even our sadness.

Act with courage but with the strength of God on your side

God then also expects us to act with his strength. Hope you arebrave, strong and that you overcome the obstacles of life with their help. He is there in every “walk”. God is aware of all your dangers, problems and sufferings.

God is aware of our challenges and tears that he keeps in his “vial” when we beg him to remember us. Here God records all sufferings; all the details of our life are present to him, and just as God does not forget any detail, neither does he forget his own word.

God is pending, willing and present

The detailed record that God keeps of our “wanderings” and his willingness to notice every tear of regret and sadness is a sign of his unconditional love. His broad determination to record our deeds and encourage us to win, encourages me every day, fills me with courage, strength and courage as he leaves my tears in his vial and continues in my adventures that God sees, is pending and records.

Of modern miracles we have these incredible 3 secrets taken from the oldest records out there. Although ancient, they seem to find us and apply exactly in our busy modern life.

Those empty moments before reading Psalms 56: 8, where I felt myself succumbing to the deep despair of a hopeless abyss, no longer exist because now I know and know the actions of the peacegiver.  

Now there will be no situation, no matter how difficult and lonely it may seem, where you are not sure that God is pending, willing and present as the mighty Psalm well declares.

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