Cold: Natural Remedies To Feel Better

If you have a case of cough, congestion, and other fabulous symptoms, check out this article. Enjoy winter and its parties without the need to blow your nose every five minutes.

I love the winter season for all the parties that are celebrated, because in the place where I live everything is covered with snow and because everything acquires a unique magic with the children at home. However, all this joy and happiness can evaporate if we get sick: it is not possible to go out as one would like, breathe, talk, live together, play. Unfortunately this is not only the season for happy holidays, but also for a myriad of possible viruses that attack everyone at home.

Unless absolutely necessary, I rarely go to medicine and prefer more natural methods, especially when it comes to my children. It is important to mention that these remedies are more effective if you maintain good nutrition, since a virus or bacteria is going to cling to a body where it finds more sugar, chemicals and everything that processed food usually contains. Here are some remedies that have helped me and my family:

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From the honeycomb to cure

Honey is great not only to prevent disease, but also to help heal, especially when there is a sore throat. Just remember that the honey that you buy in the supermarket does not work for this, since it requires honey that has not been processed and that you can find in health food stores or in local markets. This honey is solid and not liquid, in this way you know that it has not been processed. During the winter months I take a tip of honey daily and I also give it to my children (over one year of age), and when I feel that perhaps a sore throat is coming I do the same but throughout the day; it also helps if there is a cough.

Pro biotics

The Greek philosopher Plato once said that all disease begins in the stomach and there is something true about it, since when you have enough good bacteria in the stomach, your immune system is almost infallible. My whole family consumes their probiotic on a daily basis, I add it to my child to her sandwich or milk, since it comes in capsules that can be opened and contains dissolvable powder.

Garlic and its teeth

I love garlic, because it cooks rich when you use it the right way. But did you know that garlic contains antibacterial and antiviral properties? If you can consume it without cooking it, cut into pieces and swallow it with water, it is much better, or if your palate does not allow it, you can add it to vegetable smoothies, and as a last resort, use it in your kitchen daily.


These berries that look like blackberries, only darker, are good for relieving the flu and even the flu. You can find them in health food stores, or already prepared in a syrup. If you find the berry, you can prepare a daily tea, or make yourself a syrup with the aforementioned honey and give it to your children every day, both to prevent and to cure.

One can prevent many cases of the flu if you consume these home remedies on a daily basis, or do it when you feel the disease about to occur and not suffer as much. This is especially true when there are young children, and because we don’t want to fill them with so many chemicals. Enjoy these months without the need to blow your nose every five minutes!

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