Clarence’s Miracle

He was hungry and had nothing to eat and no one to turn to, so he called 911.

Clarence Blackmon was hospitalized for half a year, receiving treatment for cancer. Clarence is an 81-year-old veteran and has no close family, so when he was discharged from the hospital, the ambulance took him home.

There is always someone who needs help

But after six months of not being able to go home, and without having close friends or family, once he was home he had nothing to eat: his refrigerator and warehouse were completely empty.

Considering that his mobility is almost nil, since his condition is very weak and he cannot leave the wheelchair, he was in a situation of real emergency. So he used the only resource he had at hand: call Emergencies.

“I need someone to go to the supermarket and bring me food because I need to eat something.” Whatever you do that can help me. I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere because I can’t even get up from my chair.

Heaven’s answer usually comes through our peers

Marilyn Hinson, the telephone operator who took the call, was deeply moved, and after saying, “Help is on the way,” she didn’t just send the help. She organized with her companions and some police officers to go to the supermarket, and in less than an hour, Marilyn herself was accompanying the officers to Clarence’s home, bringing him snacks and a basic pantry that lit up his face with renewed hope.

Immediately, Clarence, extremely grateful to those he called: “Savior Angels”, began to eat the sandwiches that had been brought him, because in the delicate condition in which he is, eating well is crucial for the care of his already precarious health .

When the TV reporter interviewed Marilyn, the operator, she said: “He was hungry. I have been hungry. It is something very few have experienced, and I cannot bear to see someone go hungry. When Clarence extended his hand to Marilyn to pay for the small pantry they had brought him, the operator refused and gave her a small sum that would help him a little more.

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You can be the answer to someone’s prayers

Little acts are the stuff from which great things are made, and for veteran Clarence Blackmon that day the word “miracle” is the only thing that can describe the blessing he received:

“I know that Jesus heard my prayer and sent angels to feed me.” This sandwich is a godsend.

But the local police department has gone further: they managed to arrange for a nurse to take care of Clarence two days a week from now, and they have created a small bank account to receive help from anyone who wants to help in Clarence’s care. .

What is said out there is confirmed: we never know when we are the answer to someone else’s prayers.

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