Christmas, The Ideal Time To Renew One’s Attitude

All of us need to renew ourselves, and Christmas is the ideal time to do so. Start by developing new attitudes with your family and renew now!

I know that the best time of the year is approaching when I smell Christmas in the environment. Have you ever reveled in it? Christmas has a peculiar smell: the air, which becomes cold, is enveloped with the smell of pine and wood, of cookies and baked bread, of apple and cinnamon. And not only that, the Christmas season also illuminates us: in homes lights of hope and renewal are lit, the ceilings are dressed in multicolored flickers and our hearts of joy. Personally, I enjoy that smell that renews my thoughts, that brings me peace and joy, and that makes me appreciate how blessed I am.

Have you already planned how you are going to use family time this Christmas? Maybe they want to rest, or travel and visit distant relatives, get out of the routine, or spend this time in reflection and spirituality. I tell you something: all these activities can be done! All they have to do is let themselves be enveloped by this beautiful environment. It is likely that at this time of year the body asks for a vacation and the attitude needs to recharge. Sometimes, a change of scenery is essential to start a new cycle with a bang. For this reason, I invite you to find the best definition of the word Renew to adapt it to your life. And after defining it, give yourself the opportunity to develop a new attitude and infect the whole family so that together this Christmas you can receive the true rewards of renewal.

To achieve a true renewal this Christmas, bringing all the members of the family together is what should be valued the most, it does not matter if the budget is low, what is really worth is that the time you spend together is enough to let the people know yours who love you and who enjoy together this season; This will result in the most wonderful and refreshing experience of all.

I invite you to awaken all your senses so that Christmas allows you to renew yourself as a family by developing the following attitudes:

1. Thank you

This Christmas, without a doubt, the most important thing is to value our beautiful family, recognize the virtues of each member of it, show them and give thanks for being together and having life. Take the time to listen, appreciate, and respect their personal ideas and opinions, so that together you can create a plan for family Christmas enjoyment. Sharing activities will strengthen your bond and strengthen irreplaceable bonds of love that will keep you active throughout the year to come.

2. Recreation

In this season, enjoying free time for physical and intellectual recreation for all members of the family is also essential. Forget work and school altogether, cultivate moments of fun that will refresh your spirits and allow you to get away from apathy and boredom.

3. Of coexistence

There is no better time of the year to promote coexistence than Christmas, because it strengthens communication and trust between family members and maintains interest in expanding the well-being of all, in addition to allowing the bases to remain immovable identity and unconditional love to stay connected throughout 2014.

4 Rest

Just for this season forget the pressures, disconnect from the world and encourage your loved ones to do so too. Find a balance between rest and leisure. An effective time of rest in these final holidays will give us new courage and energy to continue in the fight for the next twelve months.

5. Of reflection / spirituality

Celebrating the birth of Jesus is the origin of Christmas, reflect on this and make this fact the reason for true celebration. Encourage your children to put into practice the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Jesus gave us as an example: generosity, humility, patience and love with all those around them. Let this be the true message.

Remember, finally, that the most important thing about spending time with the family this Christmas is to let all its members know that they are the most wonderful thing they have and that there is nothing that can overcome them and, with this, I guarantee you They will have a new attitude and will feel completely renewed.

I also invite you to read the story of the old man who changed his life, it will serve as motivation to decide to renew his attitude and that of his entire family. I wish you success in everything.

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