Christmas From A Distance? Try These Tips

Living Christmas away from the people you love can be a real chaos, I invite you to read how to get closer to the hearts of those you love and miss so much.

Christmas is, for many of us, the most important date of the year, because we can organize a dinner with the whole family and enjoy pleasant moments of love, togetherness and happiness, but what happens when we cannot spend Christmas with our family ?

For many, the emotional impact that this entails is very strong, because they come from very close families and with beautiful traditions. To keep yours, please consider the following tips, even if you are away from your family:

If you are going to send packages, do it in advance and

choose gifts that last . These days the postal system of all countries collapses quickly, it is best to prevent and take into account a few extra days so that the shipment reaches its destination on time.

Record a video with a Christmas greeting

Today technology is present everywhere, therefore, a good way to greet those who are far from you is through a small video with good wishes addressed to each person in the family. If you think that the person who will receive the message does not understand much about technology or does not have an internet connection, you can record it on a compact disc and send it to your family by mail, accompanied by a note with instructions, step by step, so that they manage to see it successfully.

Make cards as a family

. A good way to spend time as a family is by doing jobs together; Thanks to this, almost without noticing it, you will build stronger relationships with your family. As if this were not enough, you can take advantage of the occasion to make Christmas cards and presents for your relatives who are far away: they will love receiving a detail full of creativity and made especially for them.

Send family photos

It is always nice to receive photos of the people we love in the mail, especially if we do not have the opportunity to see them every day. Make a small album with photographs of important events that occurred during the year and send it to your family members, they will surely appreciate it.

Make a video conference to wish them a beautiful Christmas

If for reasons of time and work you cannot send a beautiful card by mail, or if you simply want to surprise your family, you can resort to video calls offered by the different social media platforms. Your family will love it!

Consider time differences and line breakdowns when making phone calls. During the Christmas holidays, when they strike 24:00 in many countries, people begin to call their relatives to wish them a nice night, however, what few take into account is that the telephone lines collapse a couple of minutes before for the enormous amount of people who are speaking at the same time. Therefore, I recommend that you call before or after midnight in the country or city where your family is, in order to have a more expeditious communication.

Rebuild damaged family relationships

If you find yourself a little estranged from your loved ones, it is time to start rebuilding the relationship. One of the great lessons that life has given me is that friends come and go, but your parents and siblings will always be a fundamental part of your life. Therefore, maintaining a loving and healthy relationship with them is essential to grow old full of rich experiences. If you haven’t talked in months or have been in a fight for decades, forget it and take the first step towards a reconciliation. After all, Christmas is the perfect time to renew your attitude.

Do not forget that being away from home does not mean being away from the heart of your loved ones, that is why I invite you to constantly seek a way to get closer to them even if it is only for a couple of minutes.

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