Choose Your Baby’s Name Inspired By Nature

Why do scientists recommend choosing baby names inspired by NATURE? Find out and choose the most beautiful one for your baby.

Scientists reveal that the name influences the personality and character, for this reason, choose original names for your baby inspired by nature.

ORIGINAL names for your baby inspired by nature

A few months ago my son gave me the happiest news of my life, “you will be a grandmother”, without a doubt, it is a unique and indescribable feeling, full of emotion, happiness, longing and hope. As the months go by when doctors confirm the sex that the baby will have, it is an ideal time to choose a name.

Many couples tend to be conventional when selecting the same name as theirs, others choose religious names, even those that are in fashion, however there are many original names that are beautiful, because they are inspired by nature.
Why choose a name inspired by nature?

Since our ancestors, many cultures have chosen names inspired by nature, because they awaken the senses with their colors, aromas, sounds, and they are also very happy, projecting peace, tranquility, vitality and harmony. It can even be a fashion, due to the connection that exists to conserve the planet.

The name will mark your destiny

According to what was published in Clarín, in a study by Wayne State University, in the magazine «Names: A Journal of Onomastics», scientists have confirmed that the name influences our personality and destiny, stating that people are influenced by the names when making important decisions such as: who to marry, in which street they will live, profession to choose, even the name influences whether or not they are attractive.

Don’t take it lightly

According to what was published in the American Psychological Association, names influence the personality, identity and character of your baby, in a research they confirmed that simple names influence emotional stability, contrary to eccentrics that are characteristic of neurotic people, even with mental ailments, as they are difficult to pronounce and do not match nationality or cultural identity, these revelations are supported by many other studies.
Therefore, it is important to choose the name of your baby taking into account that her name will form her identity and will be the letter of introduction to society. Some simple names inspired by nature are:

Girls Names

  • Agate: Greek origin, its meaning is good, virtuous and kind.
  • Alba: Latin origin, its meaning is dawn, aurora, the one that awakens and passes from night, from darkness to light, symbolizes illumination, knowledge and life.
  • Lily: Arab origin, comes from lily, refers to whiteness, purity.
  • Coral: Latin origin, its meaning is the beauty of coral or innocence, strength and pride, word to designate the powerful stone of love.
  • Chloe: Greek origin, its meaning is green grass, it is a mythological name that the goddess of agriculture received.
  • Emerald: Latin origin, its meaning is beautiful like the precious stone of the same name, the one that has hope, radiates purity, beautiful.
  • Flower: Latin origin, its meaning refers to the floral, refers to nature, kind, loving, good.
  • Gem: Latin origin, means precious stone
  • Marina: Latin origin, means the woman who comes from the sea, or born in the sea
  • Olivia: Latin origin, its meaning is olive or olive branch, the tree of wisdom and peace.

Children’s name

  • Adrián: Latin origin, means one who comes from the sea or owner of the seas, comes from the Adriatic Sea.
  • Bosco: Italian origin, it means forest, it refers to a daring, risky personality with a big heart.
  • Leonardo: Germanic origin, comes from two terms Leo which means lion and hard means strong, hard. Combining them means the one who is strong like a lion.
  • Cyrus: Greek origin, means sun
  • Eden: Hebrew origin, synonymous with Paradise, refers to a beautiful extensive garden, means pure and natural place.
  • Hyacinth: Greek origin, it means the one who is beautiful like that flower
  • Alan: Scottish origin, means small stone, handsome, noble harmony, cheerful,
  • Lucio: Latin origin, means the one who shines and light
  • Niraj: Hindu origin, means lotus flower. In India the lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge, abundance.
  • Vernon: French origin, means alder or spring forest

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