Children, That Engine That Drives Us To Continue Despite Adversity

The strength of the love we feel for our children makes us feel invincible and capable of anything.

In a tremendously painful and still difficult to understand circumstance, my mother saw my father die at her side. Without thinking, she got up, picked up the phone, and called her oldest daughter, my sister. From there, she made a cuirass that is still strong as iron.

It could have fallen apart into a thousand pieces (and by the way, it was inside). He could have plunged into the most fragile depression. But there he was, standing up, putting his chest to pain, and taking refuge with us in a nonexistentcomfort.

I know he did it for his daughters. I also know that she has secretly cried, and that night after night nightmares came to haunt her. When she was just 11 years old, she lost her sister, and in the prime of her life she lost her husband. But nothing stopped her, as she continued teaching by example. And it continues to do so.

The engine that drives our world

It sounds trite, poetic and repetitive, but children are that engine that drives us to keep going. I never tire of saying that thematernity –and parenthood – changes our minds and makes us better people.

When a mother goes through a calamity or a very difficult regret to overcome, the children are there to tell us “Get up, life goes on! “. Children fill us with illusions and renew hope, revive our memory, and make us more active and understanding.

So sorry. Children are the engine of my life. It is not that I have forgotten myself, but that the setbacks of my life have no place in heartbreak or grief, because now I have someone else to fight for.

Of course I allow myself to be sad

There are gray days, in which my temper changes and my spirits fade. Days when I don’t want to play anything with them and nothing moves me. Those days I hug tightly, to then allow me to surface all those feelings that I have saved.

So, after bringing to my consciousness everything that happens to me here and now, I can honor the presence of my children and understand that they need to see me well. It is when I give myself time to myself, or for a conversation with a friend, or take a walk in the garden, and then come back completely.

Then, I wipe my tears and I propose to remove any hint of negativity that does not let me see everything that I have ahead. I can say that my children help me every day to pass the tests and to understand that the answer to my questions is in my hands.

You can get ahead, always

Now that you ‘re a mother ,look back Can you see the strength that fills your spirit? Motherhood gives us a dual character, which makes us as docile as they are rebellious, as ductile as they are inflexible. We get the letter we need according to each case, because now that we are mothers, something in our most intimate essence changed us forever.

You have been able to create a life, you have fed your son and you have seen yourself reflected in his eyes. Your baby loves you, recognizes you, and cannot live without you. For your child, when he is an adult, you are a goddess in life, no matter how many wrinkles you have, or what color your hair is now.

Children give us the strength we need. Think of those mothers who struggle to bring bread home, or to get a child out of addiction, or those who smile so that their child does not see the pain in their soul. It is love speaking for itself.

Always choose to love

Don’t stop showing your children how much you love them, even on those days when you feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the trials of life. And if you are going through a bad time, I am sure that by looking into his eyes you will draw strength from where you do not have to give yourself completely.

Always choose to love your children, because in those moments where adversity is sniffing around, it will be love that wins the battle and that will free you from any stumbling block and fall.

And when they grow up, they will be there to support us and let us see that we can trust. And even at that moment, when gray hairs paint our hair and we begin to get smaller and smaller, it is the force of brotherly love that will give us the breath of life that we need, until the last moment.

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