Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday Is Important For His Emotional Health, According To A Study

Every year you promise yourself that you will not do so much display. But there you are once again, celebrating his birthday in a big way (And you do well!)

For children, the celebration of their birthday is an extremely important event. Many times they wait all year for that day to arrive, and the whole family is infected with enthusiasm. We all love to celebrate life with a party, and according to experts, it is extremely important for children to do so.

Since I have been a mother, every year I am excited to prepare my children’s birthday celebration. We choose the theme together and plan how it will be. I feel happy to be able to offer them a party every year where they will be the protagonists. And now I have more compelling reasons not to overlook the well-deserved celebration.

Key reasons for doing it, according to psychology

According to a study conducted by Dr. Jacqueline Woolley, University of Texas, for children, birthday celebrations have a direct relationship with the growth process. That is to say, that a child who turns 3 years old, if he does not have a celebration event – no matter how austere it may be – will feel that he has not yet had his birthday.

Mom, am I already 4?”, My son told me when his birthday had already passed but the day of celebration with his friends had not yet arrived. His perception told him that he would be 4 years old on the day of the party. And this is what Dr. Wooley’s study talks about.

The research determined that for preschool-age children, the celebration of their birthday determines a causal role in the growth process, and for the little ones, the change from one year to the next occurs when the specific event of a celebration takes place. Without celebration, there is no growth, according to the infant’s appreciation.

Don’t kid yourself, it doesn’t take a fortune

Surely you also have wonderful memories of birthday celebrations in your childhood. A cake, friends, games and some music. There was no theme party, no personalized souvenirs, no star entertainers. With very little, Mom and Dad gave us a wonderful celebration.

It is true that in many families celebrating the birthday of their children is difficult. However, although you cannot afford to make a birthday with many details (which involves a lot of expense),believe me that with little you can do a lot.

Pennants, some balloons, a cake, music, friends, and lots of good energy. The rest is secondary; don’t feel pressured. Of course we all want the best birthday for our children, but if you do not have the economic possibility to do so, choose to have a smaller and more moderate celebration. But never choose not to party. Your child needs that celebration. What counts is the atmosphere of love and joy.

Reasons to celebrate children’s birthdays, according to psychology

1 They understand the perception of time

As the study says, young children capture the passage of time through milestones and concrete facts. A party, no matter how small, will make them feel like they have grown. Celebrating their birthday is a perfect way for them to discover the passing of time.

2 Beautiful memories are generated

Who does not remember his birthday parties in childhood? We all have some beautiful memory to tell. Let us be creators of pleasant memories for our children, as this will feed their soul and form part of their emotional wealth for life.

3 The child feels loved

When a child watches his parents anxiously prepare and plan his birthday party, his self-esteem rises and he feels loved and important in his role within the family.

4 They strengthen social and family ties

Birthday parties are the perfect time to gather the familyand to strengthen ties. In addition, it helps the child to appreciate the importance of meetings with loved ones on momentous dates.

Focus on what’s really important

In an effort to make the best party for our child, or at least the one that he will remember forever, we focus too much on material things and do not give room to the child’s feelings and needs.

So, we go crazy putting together decorations that we see in tutorials on the Internet, spending a fortune on the memories that we will give at the end of the party, or spending sleepless nights gluing figures and setting up centerpieces to arrive on time with everything.

Everything that parents do for our children’s birthday party is very beautiful. However, sometimes we forget that the true importance of a party is that the honoree feels comfortable and happy on the day of his party, and that will not be proportional to the money you invest but to the atmosphere of love that you feel.

Get organized in advance, ask for help from family or friends, and accept the collaboration of the birthday boy in those crafts for the party. Involving your child in the preparation of the party is a way of showing love and trust in him. 

We do not need the most ostentatious party, nor the neater decorations, nor the best decorated cake. Our children need the love and the best will to celebrate that unique day. Do not stress. Putting your heart in every detail, everything will work out perfectly. And your child’s smile will give you the certainty that you are doing very well.

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