Celebrate Your Own Easter

Throughout the Christian world this Holy Week, the last days of Jesus are remembered, but do not make this week a series of rituals and meaningless acts without stopping to love Jesus.

The crowd screams like a maniac. Pilate shakes his hands in the silver basin, a servant hands him a towel. These people are crazy, he thought after making feeble attempts to release Jesus. His voice was forceful: “This man is guilty of no crime” (John 18:38).

Imagine the scene: sins of all colors and sizes crowded among the people asking for the cross and, in front of them, was Jesus, with his tender mercy looking at them with passion once more. Do you have any idea of ​​a life without sin? I can not.

He never said a rude thing, he was never angry, he did not lie, he did not cross a red light, he did not pretend to be asleep to avoid giving the seat, he did not even pretend to be deaf. Today we live desperate not to have wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds and diabetes, we do not like to be seen with flaws, but the fact is that He never had a single flaw. The creator of the universe took care of paying our debts, because we are not capable of doing it.

Throughout the Christian world this Holy Week, the last days of Jesus are remembered, but do not make this week a series of rituals and meaningless acts without stopping to love Jesus; There is no other way to celebrate it than by remembering and honoring Him and His sacrifice. How to do it day by day? Keep reading:

Holy Monday

This day remembers the cleaning of the Temple, when Christ ran the merchants.

Cleanse your life of those things that separate you from God, your body is the temple of the spirit, cleanse it of all impurity. To have French fries for dinner? To continue without attending AA? To continue with infidelity? To accumulate that anger for another year? Your body is where God chooses to stay. Please respect it.

Holy Tuesday

It is the day that Jesus anticipates Peter’s denial and Judas’s betrayal. Judas de Jesús left with thirty silver coins, yours left to leave you with two children, the mortgage on the house and enormous sadness. Peter of Jesus denied it among the people, yours denied you infidelity, and you also continued to love him, until the rooster crowed that he did it three times. We all have a Judas and a Peter in our lives. That this Holy Tuesday you can remember that Christ girded a towel and washed the feet of both, perhaps you can do the same. Symbolically, of course: prepare your heart to forgive and move on. Don’t forget that betrayal and denial prevented Christ from fulfilling his goal.

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Holy wednesday

Judas Iscariot meets with the Sanhedrin and conspires against Jesus. The night before Jesus called him a friend, I don’t really know Jesus’ concept of friendship, but I do know that he wants to give us an example. In that traitor Jesus until the last moment saw something good, despite his defects he loved him and included him in his dinner list. Perhaps your Judas has the face of abuse, the voice of lies, the smell of another body, perhaps this Wednesday you can see the good in them too.

Holy Thursday

It is the day of that sacred ordinance: the Washing of the feet; of the Last Supper, of Jesus ‘prayer in Gethsemane and the night of Jesus’ arrest. Many emotions together for one day. Can you imagine that day? Jesus knows that he is going to die, but he takes scented soap, clean water, the best of basins and washes the feet of his disciples; washes them from the sins of this world. Then he does the same for us: he goes to Gethsemane and bows down again, to clean the dirt from us all. Maybe you can let it cleanse your whole life too. That is the grace, Jesus bends down to clean up the accumulated dust of your past.

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Holy Friday

Prison of Jesus. The interrogations of Herod and Pilate. Flagellation. The crowning with thorns. Way of the Cross. Crucifixion and burial of Jesus.

The Wondermaker was locked in a cell smelling of urine and misery, then had to endure other humiliations and evils. But perhaps what hurts me the most is knowing that the same hands that formed the Earth were pierced by nails, the same back that carried the lost sheep, was pierced by the sharp stones of the whip. However, Jesus endured all this out of love and with a simple crown of thorns he became king forever.

Satan did not stop roaring until the last nail, and the last drop of blood. The sky turned black, the stench of Satan flooded the sky at three o’clock in the afternoon, perhaps he even organized a party among his followers, but you have the opportunity to also take up your cross, that of dismissal, that of divorce, that of pornography and clinging to God’s love, in silence.

Holy Saturday

Jesus enters the spiritual world, he approaches our own hells. The devil trembles when you talk to God, the walls of hell shake when you bend your knees and in silence you tell God about your life. It is the day of silence, of contemplation and of the stripped altar. It is time to trust God, to delve into your life and believe in His promises.

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Easter Sunday

It is the time of the party, of the explosion of joy, the day that God demonstrates the value of waiting and the power of faith. The resurrection of Jesus is the proof that ours will be possible. It is the day of empty graves, of trust. It is the ideal day to cling to hope despite breast cancer, your son’s addiction, your husband’s terrible character.

Holy Week is more than a popular tradition. It is a time of faith and hope. Live it with passion and dedication.

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