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Tips To Relieve Migraine Without Taking Medication

Avoid taking medicine when you have a migraine, choose these effective and natural options. Migraine sufferers won’t let me lie when I say that migraine is one of the most excruciating headaches. Usually migraine sufferers put aside all daily activities to lie in bed with the lights off and preferably without noise. Sometimes the pain

The 3 Golden Rules To Maintain Radiant Skin

Don’t waste money on expensive creams, because without these three habits in your life you will not achieve healthy skin. Your face is your letter of introduction to the world. It is the first thing that others notice about you and why they identify you after meeting you. Because of that, it is very important

After Her Second Pregnancy She Only Had 9 Teeth Left; A Health Problem That Every Woman Should Take Into Account During Pregnancy

With very few teeth and little money in her pocket, she had to come up with a drastic solution. Oral health can be severely worse during pregnancy if you don’t take proper care of yourself. A 30-year-old woman lost many of her teeth after her second pregnancy, and when she learned that restoring all of

Mother Notices Several Bruises On Her Little Girl, Reads About A Similar Case And Saves Her Life When She Realizes That What Her Daughter Had Could Be Cancer

Everyone believed that the bruises were because the girl was ‘clumsy’ and hit herself, no one imagined that they were the symptom of a fatal disease. In memory of James O’Mara, the case that warned this mother and thanks to which he saved her daughter’s life Laura Handley had read the sad news of the