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What Are You Planning To Do For God Today?

Believing in God, truly believing, implies commitment and action. Do you want to know how? Here I explain it to you. Believe in God? It is a question that perhaps you have been asked many times. Your answer was likely, “Yes, I believe in God.” Now, I invite you to reflect on the following: if

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Charity

When we hear this word, we immediately imagine a disheveled man with dirty hair and homeless, calling for help. But what really is charity? Greco-Roman antiquity is a gigantic ocean of knowledge, history, art and legacy. I had the opportunity to study about it at the University and I am not even close to reaching

Have Thanksgiving Once A Week!

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin America, however, this holiday can be applied once a week to give thanks for the goods received and to celebrate family love. Thanksgiving Day is approaching, a celebration that is not celebrated in Latin America but that in Canada and the United States marks the beginning of the Christmas