Can You Exaggerate Your Love For Yourself? Yes, And That Will Take You Away From Your Loved Ones

Not all egocentric people are narcissistic, find out why. Exaggerating your love for yourself, most of the time, brings people away.

Most of us know at least one person who believes that he is the center of the universe, that the universe revolves around him and no one else. It is symptomatic that almost no one wants to live or spend time with that person, and many even dislike them, because they could even come to hate how self-centered this person can be –if they propose it. At that moment we swear that the person is narcissistic, and one of the worst. Although many people have narcissistic symptoms, not all are, and knowing the difference is essential to know how to relate to them or leave “that friendship” for peace.

There is a clinical diagnosis to determine who is truly narcissistic. This should not be taken lightly, as this person suffers personal consequences for their symptoms and urgently needs professional help. It is my hope that by presenting you with the characteristics of this diagnosis, we can learn better and not label a person as narcissistic when in truth he or she is not, because if you don’t like anything else, that is a separate issue, “quite another matter.” as they say:

  1. It has an exaggerated sense of grandeur. You unreasonably enlarge your attributes and talents and expect to be recognized as a superior person regardless of whether you have met your goals or not.

  2. Think constantly of fantasies of personal triumph, power and beauty. To the point that this becomes an obsession.

  3. He truly believes that he is “special” and that nothing else can have friends who are “equal” to him.

  4. It requires continuous admiration. (Here we could cite the image of the myth of Narcissus, of love towards oneself).

  5. You have unreasonable expectations of how others should treat you, as well as how obedient others should be to your high expectations.

  6. You don’t think twice to take advantage of others in order to fulfill your purposes.

  7. His ability to be empathetic is nil.

  8. He constantly envies others, and believes that others are envious of him. “The lion thinks that they are all of his condition.”

  9. Always assume an attitude of arrogance.

It is important to mention that these characteristics are ALWAYS present and not only from time to time, since we can all demonstrate some of these in one way or another.

While this condition is not very prevalent, the person who has a family member, friend and even partner who suffers from narcissism suffers the consequences of living and relating to someone who does not think of anyone other than himself; This causes intense pain and insecurities that take a long time to heal and complicate any relationship. Educate yourself about it, and if you think that someone you know accuses the narcissistic syndrome, take your precautions and remember that only someone who wants to be helped can be helped.

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