Camera Captures Father Dragging Daughter’s Hair In A Store And Has The World Outraged, How Far Can The Punishments Go?

A woman took pictures of a man punishing his little daughter in a supermarket. The photos today travel the world.

Erika Burch witnessed the brutality of this father towards his daughter in a supermarket in Cleveland, United States. Apparently and according to the images and testimony of Burch, the man had the girl held by his hair as he dragged her around the supermarket and she begged him to let her go, while promising that he would not do it anymore.

Burch did not stop with just being the witness of a terrible abuse, she published the photos and now they are being shared around the world.

Posted by Erika Burch on  Monday, September 19, 2016

According to what she recounts on her Facebook page, she also approached a police officer who was at the scene to ask him to do something, to which he allegedly responded by saying that “they could not do anything because the parents have the right to discipline his children as they wish, and since his hair had not been plucked or injured, he could not intervene.

However, after the photos began to travel the world, Cleveland police issued a statement saying they were investigating the incident.

«I took my phone and took photos. I told him to let go of the girl’s hair, he replied that it was his problem. I told him no, that now it was also my problem so I let her go, he finally answered me that he had been raised like that, “writes Burch on his social wall.

“I was raised like this”, to what extent do parents have rights when it comes to disciplining their children?

The Children’s Aid Organization says that each year in the United States there are more than 3 MILLION reports of child abuse.

What is the correct definition of what constitutes child abuse under the law?

“Child abuse occurs when parents or caregivers, whether by action or omission, cause injury, death, emotional damage, or seriously jeopardize the safety of the child. There are various forms of child abuse, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual, exploitation and emotional abuse.

What are the most common types of punishment that parents use to correct their children’s behavior?

According to what was published in Our Everyday Life, the most common punishments are physical punishment, which includes spanking, slapping, slapping, hitting and physical aggression using the help of objects.

According to the Canadian Committee on Pediatrics, physical punishment leaves bad consequences and consequences. “Corporal punishment infers a greater inclination towards delinquency, aggression and antisocial behaviors.”

There are also verbal punishments. Words are used by parents or responsible adults for a child to diminish, internalize, devalue, cause fear and a sense of control over a child.

Among the most effective methods is that of consequences

This is a method recommended by some specialists. This method consists of making children learn that for every decision or act in life there is a consequence; so if they choose the good they will have a positive consequence, otherwise the consequence will be something that helps you understand the lesson of why it is important to choose to do the right thing.

Effective methods to discipline your children

First it is important to understand that there is a difference between punishing and disciplining. Discipline is “the process through which children are taught the difference between something acceptable and something that is not. The goal of discipline is to help the child not follow her impulses to make a bad decision. Punishment is a (ineffective) tool that some parents use to impose discipline “, as defined by the University of Minnesota publication.

WebMD advises these 6 methods of disciplining children

1. Reward good behavior

Many parents only see the bad things our children do while overlooking the good things they are striving for. This causes children to lose interest in doing good.

2. Keep rules clear

We can’t be confused by saying something and changing it two minutes later. The rules should be clear and easy for your children to understand.

3. Calm down before you react

Many say that the consequences of their actions should be given at the very moment of the fact, however, when one is angry about what our children have done, one may not think clearly. It is better to breathe, cool down and just analyze what will be done.

4. Be consistent with the rules

Changes in gait confuse and create false expectations in children. If a rule was set, it must be followed.

5. Discipline by your own example

If we demand something of our children, we must also be able to fulfill it. If we tell them not to say bad words or to speak ill of their little friends, we cannot be doing the opposite.

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