Brave 9-year-old Boy Uses A Smart Watch To Flee From His Captor, He Tells The Nightmare He Lived

The magic of technology, his quick reaction, and in his words, “My family is much more important than a broken bone,” are the ingredients that helped him survive.

The magic of technology, his quick reaction and in his words, “my family is much more important than a broken bone”, are the ingredients that played together to save the life of this brave little man.

The event took place in a quiet town in Utah. Aiden was walking in his neighborhood in Saratoga Spring while on his way to a friend’s house in an apartment complex. A family vehicle headed toward him and stopped.

“The (man) got out of his car, walked, and then walked over to him,” Aiden told KSTU, adding, “I ran as fast as I could but tripped and fell, and he caught me.”

Apparently, his captor took him and placed him in the rear of the vehicle, while trying to cover his mouth with tape to prevent him from screaming. The suspect then drove a few blocks away from the abduction site and turned into a supermarket near the area.

At that moment, our little hero, demanded that his captor let him go, and then he jumped from the vehicle. As he fell he sprained his ankle, but that was not an impediment to Aiden from continuing to try to escape from this man. “My family is more important than breaking a bone,” said the boy in an interview in which he recounted his nightmare in detail.

The boy ran to a garbage container, and hid behind; It was in those moments that he used a smart watch that allows him to call up to four people. His stepfather answered his mother’s phone and within minutes was there to rescue him.

The watch also has a smart navigation system that lets you know where it is at all times.

When family is the most important

The desire to see his family again was the strongest feeling that led Aiden to want to fight with all his might and face the worst fears a person can face.

What should parents do as precautionary measures

  1. Take photos of your children every 6 months so they are always updated.

  2. Go to the police and have them fingerprinted.

  3. Keep dental records for your children.

  4. Make sure that when you access the internet you have control of what it does and does not do. The majority of abduction and abuse cases today have to do with online predators.

  5. Don’t let him go out only long distances; if possible, take them to the places they need to go and go get them.

  6. Never leave your children alone in a vehicle or in their stroller.

  7. Take care and precautions when choosing babysitters, nurseries, etc.

What should you instill in your children

  1. Never accept food, candy, or drinks from a stranger.

  2. Never, but never, go anywhere with a stranger, even if it sounds like fun.

  3. Let him run, don’t stop and shout for help,

  4. Say no to anyone who tells you to do something that you know is wrong.

  5. Always tell you or another adult if there is someone who has been following, talking, or asking questions.

  6. That they never leave the house without first making sure that you have given them permission and that you know exactly where they will be.

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