Brad Pitt Confesses The 3 Reasons That Ruined His Marriage

Recognizing the mistakes made after a divorce is an act of courage, self-improvement and self-love. The famous Brad Pitt tells his story.

All people who have experienced the pain of a marital separation, understand that one way to ease the pain and let emotions flow is by sharing this experience with friends, family and close people.

The famous actor Brad Pit, is no exception, he gave GQ magazine an interview, where for the first time he recognizes the causes that led him to make the decision to divorce Angelina Jolie.

As reported by Europa FM and many media such as: Mundiario and social networks, the 53-year-old actor has confessed what he believes were the reasons that led to the divorce. Without a doubt, it is an example for his children and for all his fans, knowing part of the story.

1. Alcohol

In the interview he argued “He drank a lot. It became a problem. I am very happy that half a year has passed, which is bittersweet, but I am in control of my actions again, ”she explains, lamenting that one of the consequences of her alcoholism was her divorce.

As reported in Diario Femenino, an alcohol problem in the couple increases the possibility that the relationship will end. The denial on the part of the addict and the impotence of the couple destroy communication, love, respect and trust. If the person does not recognize that they have a dependency and does not face their responsibility, it is almost impossible for the couple, no matter how much love they have, to help them.

There are many factors by which people can become addicted for example: problems in childhood, with a partner, work, sexual, depression to name a few.

How to help the addicted couple? To save the marriage, it is advisable to help her in the process, go to a specialist and rehabilitation centers.

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2. Little time for your children

«Children are very delicate, they absorb everything. They need your help, and someone to explain things to them. They need to be heard. And when I get into my work issues, I don’t listen to them, I want to improve on that ». “I have to be more, I have to be more for them, I have to teach them.”

We all need to be heard, understood, loved and supported, in order to be motivated enough to conquer dreams. Like children, they need to be a priority in the life of all parents, to raise, teach and guide them so that in the future they can be independent and find their own path to happiness.

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. 3. Work

‘I no longer think of myself as an actor. It has consumed me so much and has stolen my time. Acting always felt like a way to express my deepest feelings. But, now it doesn’t work anymore, especially as a dad… I wish I could change my name »

There are many ways to separate work and provide quality time for children, for example: turn off the cell phone, or mobile devices that are related to the world of work, organize an agenda with the pending tasks that need your attention the most and carry them out immediately (prioritize) among others.

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A life lesson

Brad Pit confesses that the divorce has been a moment in which he has seen his weaknesses and failures. Like many couples who have been through the same situation, many times it is necessary to learn from the hard lessons of life (mistakes) and stop blaming, to recover the marriage. Always remember that love overcomes any obstacle, as long as the couple works and struggles to stay together, achieving their goals.

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