Boy Makes A Call To The Police To Look For His Mother Who Is In Heaven

A child seeks his mother who is in heaven; a call that moves the networks and that changed his life, (take some tissues to see the story)

You cannot explain a mother’s love with words and phrases, it goes beyond understanding; it is a feeling of spiritual connection that fills the hearts and the soul. Unfortunately, we are all exposed to suffering a loss like this, without imagining it, life changes from one moment to another, without being prepared to face the pain.

From experience, when you are little it is very difficult to face reality, the concept of death is only related to cartoons and television programs where the characters revive in each chapter; far from being real.

I want to share a moving story that has left me in tears. A viral case shared by social networks. According to what was published in Porquenosemeocurrio, the news is about a small boy who communicates with the police in search of his mother who is in heaven.

Jerry, 5 years old, faced a reality without being able to understand it. One morning the mother went to the hospital, however, she was never able to return home. The boy’s father explained that his mother had gone to heaven. The anguished and sad boy decided to call the police for help, he did not understand why his mother did not return.

The call was answered by an officer named Tommy Lee; the boy explained to the policeman what his father had told him, his mother had gone to heaven and he wanted her to return. It was logical that the officer was so moved that he listened to the little boy with great attention.

Unlimited communication

Tommy Lee, advised the boy to write letters to his mother, sending them with red balloons; so she could read them all. Meanwhile, Lee began researching the boy’s life, talking with his father and school teachers to find out more about Jerry.

Shortly after, the boy, not receiving news from his mother, contacted the police again.

An act of love

The officer told the boy to be calm, that his mother would surely read all the letters. After a few days passed and a group of policemen arrived at the little boy’s house, each one of them carried red balloons and letters that Jerry’s mother had supposedly answered, where she sent all her love and congratulated him on his good work at school, He even gave her a mini motorcycle, as a gift from her mother.

How to talk about death to children?

In the book “Explainning Death to Children”, he talks about how to explain the loss of a loved one to the little ones, some tips are:

1. Correct words

Children are not clear on the concept of death. Explain simply and clearly; say that when a person dies, they no longer breathe, they don’t feel, they don’t eat, they don’t speak, they don’t think. Avoid the child confusing death with sleep, especially when they hear from an adult “rest in peace” or “eternal rest”, as a result the child will be afraid to sleep.

2. Express feelings

Expressing pain, suffering, crying, sadness, in front of the little ones is a way of making them understand that death is a process that is felt and that we all have to go through it. Sharing experiences of the loved one who left is a way in which the child will remember it.

Support your little one with phrases “I know you are sad, me too”, “He or she (deceased person) will always love us, even if he or she is not present”

3. Talk about the changes

It is important for the child to understand that things have changed and his routine will gradually change. For example: the person who will pick you up from school, who will take you to your sports activities, who will take care of you.

4. Help with a specialist

Sometimes it is difficult to be with the little ones all day, many parents have to continue working and the children are left in the care of a close relative. However, it is important to take them to a specialist who will help them express their feelings and control their emotions, managing to accept reality.

I share with you: The death of a loved one is an issue that must be discussed with the children

Experiencing the death of a mother or father, in childhood, is an experience that cannot be fully understood, only with the passage of time. Help and support your children to understand the concept of death, that way, their grief will be easier to cope with.

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