Bored Children At Home? Do These Fun Activities

Encourage the development of creativity in your children with these fun activities, so they do not tell you that they are bored.

As my father would say: ” A healthy child is one who is naughty. ” Without a doubt, he was quite right, as most children have too much energy. Although parents dedicate all their time and effort to keep them entertained, it seems that they do not tire easily and that they have a battery for a while; they can exhaust anyone with their innate drive to explore, learn, and have fun.

From experience, I know that it is not easy for children to spend a lot of time doing an activity, since having achieved the objective they move on to something else. Or when something doesn’t catch their attention, they leave it unfinished. Therefore, surely you have heard a thousand times tell your little one that he isboring, something that fills anyone with guilt because they think that the little one is having a bad time.

For that reason, parents do and undo whatever it takes to keep them from saying they are bored, and we put in an inexplicable effort to keep them entertained, happy, and cheerful. Not only cartoons, housework, video games or movies are enough; it is quite a challenge for parents to be resourceful.

Mom, I’m bored!

The expertsThey assure that boredom is not a factor that should distress parents, since boredom is the ideal time to make them exploit their creativity and imagination. Being bored is the way for children to strive to break the daily pattern, challenging themselves and exploring their skills, so that they unconsciously give way to inventiveness and innovation.

For this reason, it will be convenient to let the children learn by themselves not to be bored, without having to make the best effort; maybe you can contribute to exploit his inventiveness and once your child is involved let him keep playing.

What activities are recommended for children to exploit their creativity and imagination?

1 Color in the room

Some young children love to paint on the walls; This actually creates a nuisance for parents because the paint is damaged and therefore represents an unnecessary expense that was not considered.

An excellent option for children to have fun painting the walls of their room will be to cover the walls with any type of paper that you have at home, such as: cardboard, newspaper, bond paper or traces. Once the walls are covered, provide colors, crayons or paints (watercolors); That way you will keep them entertained and most importantly they will exploit their imagination and creativity.

2 Tell stories

Many young children are in the learning stage and cannot read yet. However, with your help they will be able to maximize their creativity. All you have to do is choose a story or book that is her favorite and read it to her. Once the reading is finished, invite your little one to change the story, be it the beginning, the middle or the end, you can even suggest that they put a drawing on a page representing what they liked the most.

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3 Balloons at home

Most little ones like to play with balls, but doing it indoors represents a great danger because many of the things can break. Therefore, it will be fun to do it with balloons of all colors. Ask your child to help you inflate them and after the fun begins; you can play tennis, soccer, basketball, or whatever you want. In addition, you can create a “public” that encourages him to win, which will be his toys or stuffed animals.

4 Sing and dance

Listening to music makes anyone happy, so it will be a fun activity when you invite your little one to sing and dance to the songs they like the most. Ask him to make up dance steps (choreography) for an entire song. At the end of rehearsal, your little one will perform as an artist. For this I recommend setting a space in your house and decorating it; even make some simple sandwiches and refreshing drinks. Do not forget to invite their friends or family to enjoy the show.

5 Planting life

One of the activities that most entertain children is playing with dirt and getting dirty. It is about planting a tree or any type of plant that you have on hand. Even if you don’t have any of that, get any type of seeds such as: sunflower, orange, lemon or chili. That way you will teach your child totake care of the environment and at the same time, he will exploit his imagination having fun to the fullest.

6 A different camp

Invite your child to create and invent a tent in his own room ; You will only need sheets and pillows. I assure you that she will spend many fun hours exploiting her creativity to the fullest. You can help him to set his “refuge” by calling him in some way, providing him with lamps, books or stories among other things.

Invite your child to do these activities, so that he can no longer say that he feels bored. The further away he is from television or video games, the more he can put his abilities and skills to use, ensuring that he will be fun – and learning – for long hours.

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