Body Aches That Can Have An Emotional Root

If you have body aches that when checked by a doctor have no physical root, it is time to consider that they may be emotional and that you should deal with them.

Our body is wonderful, almost magical. But above all, our body is wise; Many times our body knows how to take better care of itself than we do, both physically and emotionally. Our emotions impact our physical health in the same way that our physical state affects our emotional health: we cannot separate them. This is why stress sometimes manifests itself in the form of migraines, headaches, gastritis, colitis, or arthritis, among other physical problems. This does not mean that our body is not doing its job, but on the contrary: when we do not deal with our emotions effectively, our body does the work of trying to solve it in some way, many times physically.

Somatization is called body pain that has no physical root, but an emotional one. It is important to mention that this term is used only and exclusively when you have gone to the doctor and they have done studies that prove that there is no physical explanation, so I recommend that these studies be done first, in order to eliminate any doubt and be able to deal with the emotional aspect. For example, when I was a child my family moved to Brazil. I can’t remember all the details, but I do remember that the adjustment was very difficult for me. Shortly after arriving I started having migraines. A lot of tests were done on me and the doctors couldn’t give an explanation to my parents. After a while the migraines disappeared, and we began to see that they only came back when I was stressed, this is still the case.

If you suffer from body aches that have already been reviewed by your doctor of choice and do not find a physical root, these tips will be beneficial.

1. Find a relationship between emotion and pain

Begin to take note of when the pain occurs and the relationship it has with what is happening around you. For example, if you get stomachaches days after feeling sad or angry, consider that perhaps it is not a coincidence and that you did not deal with those emotions properly, so your body is trying to bring out what is really inside you. It is important that you first identify which are the emotions that provoke a bodily reaction.

2. Learn to deal with your emotions

Once you have identified the emotions that you are trying to ignore, it is important that you do not run away from them, but instead confront them and get used to feeling them. When you perceive an emotion that you do not like to feel, find a quiet place, sit down, breathe and remind yourself that you will not feel it forever and that you are simply being human by experiencing these emotions. Your emotions can help you learn more about yourself if you let them.

3. Seek professional help if you have experienced trauma

Somatization is common when severe trauma has been experienced, whether of a sexual or physical nature; it is not abnormal to feel pain all over the body, or in the genitals; these are directly associated with trauma. In these cases it is not enough to try to deal with emotions alone: ​​you need professional help. Only you can know if you need it and the degree of trauma you have experienced, but I recommend that you be honest and seek the help you need, because both the emotional trauma and the physical pain will not go away by themselves.

Body aches that have emotional roots are not to be taken lightly. Your emotional health is as important as your physical health; remember that the two are closely related. Take your time to learn to manage your emotions and never give up: your emotional as well as physical health will thank you.

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