Black Mother Gives Birth To White Baby And Doctors Are Baffled

Doctors thought that her skin would darken over time, but that didn’t happen … the photos are stunning.

Patience is a mother who lives up to her name (“patience, in Spanish) every time she is asked in the street if the baby she is carrying is really her daughter. The little girl was born with a much lighter complexion than her mother, whose race is black, and her little eyes are blue. According to Mirror, doctors are still baffled.

Andrea was born in April, and four months later the doctors’ predictions that her skin tone would darken over time, were not met. Andrea continues to have much lighter skin than her mother and sisters.

Dad’s skin color

The baby’s father, named Andreas, has white skin. So far we could say then that it is not at all strange that if the father is white, the baby has come out white. But the truth is that, when one of the parents is black and the other is white, the probability that the baby will come out with white skin is 1 in a million, according to Cadena Ser. Therefore, it is a very rare exception, and although Andrea has the skin color of her father, many are astonished when they see her in her mother’s arms.

They thought you had a skin disorder

Doctors, not used to seeing these cases regularly, thought at first that the baby might have a skin disorder. Once this was ruled out, they then told the mother that the color of the little girl’s skin would darken with time. The truth is that Andrea is 4 months old and makes a perfect composition with her mother.

“My friends keep joking that a mother is looking for her baby, and one day they will find us,” jokes Patience. This mother, of African origin, proudly walks with her baby in her arms through the streets of Germany, where she lives with her husband, and is used to stopping in the street when people ask her about her baby, and even want to take their picture .

Other hilarious cases

Every time a couple where one of them is black and the other white, have a white baby, this becomes news. It is that, in a certain way, it not only draws the attention of the community in general but also of the medical community.

A few years ago there was a case similar to that of Patience and her baby. Jonah is a white baby whose father is white but her mother is black. So much was the shock that several modeling agencies signed a contract with the family to do advertising campaigns. Her mother, according to Mail Online, said that when her baby was delivered to her she thought they had made a mistake and given her another mother’s child.

Another even more surprising case is that of a couple who are both black and had a white-skinned baby in 2010. According to La Nación, the couple, living in London, and who claim that the baby is a son of both, they had to express to the tabloid press that the doctors had confirmed that the baby was theirs and not that of another parent.

Recessive genes

For a more detailed explanation of why a white baby is born to a black couple, it is essential to understand how genes are passed on. According to La Nación, and according to Fernando Poletta, a researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (Conicet), “the color of the skin and eyes is polygenetic, that is, it depends on several genes that are inherited from parents”.

On the other hand, genes related to light complexion or eyes are recessive, meaning that for a child to have light complexion and eyes he must inherit both copies (the maternal and the paternal) of the genes from both parents.

In the case of the stories mentioned above, the doctors agreed that the babies got the recessive gene from the mother and therefore their skin is white.

Specifically, these cases are not about albinism, since the skin, hair and eyes of the babies in the stories mentioned do not match the genotype of people with albinism.

According to the Medline Plus site, albinism is a defect in the production of melanin, which is the substance that gives hair, skin and the iris of the eyes its color. Albinism – which can be inherited from parents to children – occurs when a genetic defect makes the body unable to produce or distribute melanin.

Symptoms of albinism

  • Lack of color in the hair, skin, or iris of the eye

  • Lighter than normal skin and hair

  • Colorless patches of skin

  • Squinting eyes

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Rapid eye movements

  • Vision problems or functional blindness

Turn a deaf ear to what people are saying

Imagine these parents who walk down the street with their child and must endure daily that people go around saying that the child is not theirs, and that the mother has committed an infidelity. These are situations that surely couples with children “of another color” have had to go through.

However, they will surely have also managed to get out of the situation by responding with height to each step. Ultimately, what really matters is the happiness that little “miracle baby” has brought to the family.

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