Beware Of Toxic People, And Avoid Becoming A

With these simple recommendations you will be able to recognize if you are living with a person who is hindering your success and development; even if you have become one of them and are preventing someone’s progress.

Whether in our workplace, social group, sports team or even in our own family, we may be being negatively influenced by toxic people. This has the consequence that many of our goals are not achieved, we feel tired, exhausted and – worse still – we are changing our way of being for an equally negative personality.

Why is it important to detect negative people around us? It’s simple: because we must get away from them as soon as we can, keep our distance and avoid becoming one of them. Identify the following characteristics and prevent emotional contamination from spreading.

1. Constant criticism

Few energy thieves steal as much and as fast as those who live criticizing everything and everyone. It is extremely annoying to live with someone whose comments are only to disqualify, speak badly, harm or indiscriminately correct others. Criticizing or badmouthing can be a very easy habit to acquire and very difficult to overcome. When you least think about it, you also find yourself speaking ill of others, making unpleasant faces and imitating inappropriate behavior. Beware of acquiring this terrible evil.

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2. Not cooperating, or providing help

Every day it is more important to learn to work as a team, become more supportive and protect each other. This applies in our work, our neighborhood, in every social group where we move and, obviously, in our family. Selfishness, unfair competition and any other petty behavior harm the person and those around him. There is always something we can share or do for others.

3. Not adapting to change

The only sure thing in this life is change, and our ability to adapt quickly will depend on jobs, opportunities, growth and overcoming the difficult tests of this life. When someone seeks to hold on to their stability, habits and customs, they limit all the new opportunities for growth and development that life presents. Do not fall into the trap of listening to the voices that prevent you from moving, looking for new things, fulfilling your dreams and doing what you like. Keep moving, don’t get used to it: change is good and it strengthens you.

4. Have no projects, ambitions or goals

Waking up, working, eating, returning home, watching television, eating and going back to sleep is not life: it is the terrible routine that drowns and kills. When we do not have goals in life, interesting projects or challenges to overcome, our passage through life becomes terrible and, what is worse, we become a burden for those who are close to us. Seek to relate to active people, with goals, with a life of their own: they will always have a positive vision, they will not give in to defeat so easily and they will infect you with their good spirit and desire to live.

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5. Seek the failure of others

There are so small people that, because they cannot achieve something in life, they want those around them to be just as miserable as they are. To be successful in something and then to help others to achieve their own is the great pleasure of really great souls. Who encourages us and even pressures us to achieve our own success deserves our friendship and company.

6. Not controlling emotions, temperament or passions

There is nothing worse in an office, team or group of friends than people who allow themselves to be carried away by their emotions, who discharge their temper or lack of self-control on others. We all have difficult days, even difficult times that require all of our energy and attention, but none of that justifies unleashing or unleashing our temper to the extent of hurting and hurting others.

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Do you know someone with these characteristics? Do you possess or have they told you that you are like that? Well, if this message came to your life, maybe this is the invitation you were waiting for to start the improvements that your life needs. It is for your good and for the good of all those who are close to you. You will see.

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