Being A Mother Is A Grace That Has Been Denied Me

Thousands of women live with this pain, in this article I want to tell you a simple story that I know will give you back some hope if this is your case or that of a woman you know.

What can you say to a woman who has struggled with all her might to get pregnant and failed? Perhaps this woman experiences frustration daily when seeing hundreds of mothers around her walk hand in hand with their children, perhaps resignation knocked on her door and she has dedicated herself to being the best aunt; Yet deep in her heart she wants to fill this void and clings to what little hope she has left while she is still a fertile woman.

Thousands of women live with this pain, in this article I want to tell you a simple story that I know will give you back some hope if this is your case or that of a woman you know.

During her first years of marriage, a former boss fought a real battle to get pregnant. Faced with the diagnosis of her infertility, she made the difficult decision to adopt a baby, while the days passed and the love of mother and child was growing, inexplicably she became pregnant and gave birth to twins; Today, a boy and a girl, their oldest son is eight years old and the twins are five.

Why after adoption do some women manage to get pregnant?

This is not a scientifically proven thesis, however it can somehow explain what happens, not only with motherhood but with everything that human beings are obsessed with achieving, and that is that energy eager to achieve things , blocks their arrival.

In the little story that I told you about my former boss, evidence of how she turned her attention and love so much to that child she adopted that her body and mind relaxed to the point that she allowed the process to occur naturally and she could get pregnant.


It may be the most beautiful experience that a woman, who cannot be a biological mother, can experience, but I certainly understand the fears of those who refuse to try. If this is your case, I suggest you indulge in a passion, focus your energy on a charity, a hobby, an activity, a business, a dream and rest from the burden, anxiety and exhaustion that the fact of not being able to get pregnant.

Never forget that you are not alone

Sometimes we are so focused on our own pain and our own tragedies that we forget a little that there are people around who are also suffering. Never let the pain consume you so much that you cannot help others or give others a word of encouragement.

Do not blame yourself,

It is a reality, many men just yearn to have a child and regardless of who that wonderful woman they have by their side is, they set out in search of their dream of being parents; Do not blame yourself for that, just accept it and move on, the true love of a husband does not abandon in the face of adversity. I know a couple who do not have children, she has not been able to get pregnant, however they live a wonderful life for 20 years: they travel, they are the most loving uncles in the universe and they have accepted that for them life did not come the same as for everyone, they appreciate and value what they have.

Never lose hope while there is life; remember the story of Sara in the sacred scriptures, God granted her the miracle of being a mother at the age of ninety, if you can believe, everything is possible for those who believe, remember that you are not invisible to God / You are not invisible to God

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