Because You Have The Right To Restart Your Life, Learn How To Do It In 4 Movements

Do you want to start from scratch? In this article I show you how you can do it and thus renew your life so that you are happier and feel fulfilled.

It is certain that at some point in your life you have wanted some things that left a very bad taste in your mouth to disappear from your mind. That you renounce your actions and feel that you will not be able to face others again, or look in the mirror again without feeling ashamed or remorse for what you did. You feel that this will be the case unless something changes radically, but you don’t know how to achieve it.

Well, what is left for you to do when a glass is about to overflow? One of two: either you let it spill or you dump the water and clean it up. Well, the best option is the latter, throw the water and leave it clean, that is what you should do with your life: restart it, and that is why I will teach you the best way to do it in four simple movements:

1. Discard everything that does not work in your life (in all aspects)

When you accumulate things from the past, what happens is that you start to experience situations of the déjà vu type , that is, it will seem to you that you have already lived through it over and over again. Don’t blame yourself for what you did, because it no longer has a point; instead analyze what you learned from the situation and take advantage of it.

You should also slow down your pace of life, without worrying about the continuous questions about the person you will be in one or five years. Success is achieved with patience and with clear goals, but for this you need to have them precisely like that, clear.

Do not pay attention to the achievements of others or compare your life with that of someone more successful because that will lead to constant frustration; Also, you should keep in mind that you have no idea what that person had to go through to get to where they are.

2. Cleanliness at all times

It sounds strange, but indeed you should put all your effort to get all the useful things from the past, but do not let bad memories drown you. The present is the time to do your part and thus banish bad habits and vices that you know destroy you and harm those around you.

And regarding the future (because yes, you must clean your future), choose not to make speculations or assumptions about the things you do not know and do not know if you will ever know, in this way you will avoid making unnecessary mistakes that load your life with discomfort.

3. What else should I eliminate from my life?

There are many people attached to objects and past relationships that generate emotions – sometimes – not entirely positive. Therefore, if in your house or room you have dolls, paintings or even photographs that only generate sadness and bad memories, or even anger, consider that it is the right time to throw them away.

Also take out clothes and shoes that you no longer use, both yours and your children. It is recommended that you do so because that way you know what you have and what you need. With this action you not only purify your home, but you close cycles and begin to prepare your life for the arrival of new things.

Even if you have people around you that you know are not convenient for you, expel them from your life, you will thank yourself later. And if you have goals that, no matter how hard you have tried to achieve and have not been able to, it is time that you discard them and consider new horizons.

4. Goals at hand

Now, like everyone else, you have real dreams and goals and others not so much. You are aware of which are feasible and which are not. With that in mind, put them in priority order and set a date by which you can sensibly calculate that you will have already reached them.

Remember that there are short, medium and long term goals; that some will cost you more effort than others and some, no matter how hard you try, you may not reach them in the way you had planned. That does not mean that you have failed, only that the path has deviated a bit from its course, but that you can still take advantage of it.

Finally, remember that you can give a new start to your life whenever you consider it necessary. Clean up every aspect of your existence and therefore you will be responsible for every choice you make, so think twice before getting down to business and prepare to act well and be happy as a result.


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