Battles To Get You Up In The Morning? 5 Infallible Remedies With Which You Wake Up Because You Wake Up!

Are you one of the people who are fond of those 5 extra minutes, which end up turning into 40? Well this can change, if you wish.

Getting up on time will help you reduce the amount of stress that you generate from the first moment of the day, since by getting up late, you start your day with considerable stress loads. So you better avoid it, don’t you think?

That is why a group of neurologists from the University of Melbourne, Australia, have done several studies and about them give some recommendations so that you can easily wake up and start your day in the best way, without frights or races to carry out your activities. Try it for a week and you will see the results!

1. Multiple alarms in different order!

There are people who set two or three alarms daily, but this causes the brain to get used to them and it is no longer so easy for it to respond. Experts say that the best thing you can do is vary them; a day put four with intervals of two minutes; the next day, put three every three minutes and so on. This will help you avoid falling asleep, give it a try!

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2. Use an alarm clock app

Currently there are several applications ( apps ) that you can download totally free and that could help you wake up. One of them, which has become super popular, is called “Sleep If You Can.” It is an alarm that will be activated the moment you set it, but for this, you must take a photo of a part of your house (the bathroom or living room, for example) and it will not stop sounding until you take the photo . This forces you to forcibly get up, without excuses or excuses!

3. Have a good coffee

It is proven that caffeine in the morning will always help to activate the body in a faster way, therefore, always having a good cup of coffee on hand will help you to finish waking up and want to do your activities. If you are a coffee lover, as soon as the alarm goes off, think that there is a cup of this delicious drink waiting for you, it can be a great motivator!

4. Move the alarm clock away from your bed

It is very common for people to put the alarm clock next to their bed, in a desk, for example. But it is also easy that you can turn it off and continue sleeping. One of the suggestions is that you place it a bit away from you so that this forces you to get up. If you have a bathroom in your bedroom, you could put it there, the acoustics that the bathrooms have will make it sound much louder. If your alarm clock is a cell phone, place it inside a glass cup, it will amplify the sound a lot!

5. Water on the face, it never fails!

One last remedy is to put a little water on your face or on the nape area; This will help you to finish waking up because it refreshes and “lifts” you up a bit, so you can start your day the way it should be. Try not to make the water too cold, nor too hot: the first will make you feel bad and the second will relax you excessively. It always works!

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Now you know: getting out of bed is not a sacrifice. Remember that every day you have many things to do and be very successful, to make it look like it, it has been said!

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