Babies “sing” At 16 Weeks’ Gestation According To A Revealing New Study

The details are incredible and how you live your pregnancies will change forever.

The details of the discovery are incredible and reveals that your baby hears you much earlier than previously thought.

According to what was published in El Periódico, the Marqués Institute of Barcelona carried out a study that verified how fetuses are more in contact with the world around them (you as a mother especially) and what is heard and happens around them .

The study consisted of analyzing the reactions of fetuses of 16 weeks of gestation while they were being seen through an ultrasound machine.

The result was surprising

Posted by Silvia Andreu on  Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When listening to the music that was played near the genital part of the future mothers, they reacted by opening their mouths and moving their tongues. The study referred to this action as something akin to ‘singing’.

In 100% of the cases, all the babies did the same.

Until not long ago, science thought that babies only responded to sound stimuli after 26 weeks of gestation, and that they perceived it as a murmur and highly distorted.

According to Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, she explained the process by which it was possible to determine that fetuses can hear with the same clarity that we do. To achieve this, the study used a device that was inserted through the mothers’ vagina and, in their own words, they listen “like us, with the same intensity and without distortion.”

The director of the same study also explained that the sound that reaches the baby through the womb is not perceived with the same clarity.

The best thing about this study is

Knowing that your baby can hear you, that he can react to the music you listen to, and that you stimulate his brain in a way that helps him develop better and stronger are just some of the benefits.

This discovery will also help to rule out deafness in your baby from 16 weeks of gestation, without having to wait until he is born.

This device reduces stress on the mother during childbirth

The mother’s certainty that her baby is listening, that she is listening to music that can soothe her during labor, makes giving birth much less stressful for both mother and baby.

According to the study, 87% of fetuses move their mouth and tongue when receiving musical stimulation. While 50% stick out their tongue to its maximum capacity.

Why the music?

Alberto Prats, professor at the University of Barcelona, explained: “music, a harmonic stimulus, which induces a response of vocalization movements, activating brain circuits to stimulate language and communication.”

Beyond having or not the device that is sold online to stimulate your baby, it is good that you know that the music you listen to, your voice, when you talk to it, or when you talk to others, helps them develop their brain , his intelligence and the bond with his parents.

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