Arthritis Wants To Make You Lose Mobility, Avoid It By Eating This

Swelling and pain in the joints of the hands and feet. Malformations and a lot, a lot of pain. How to avoid it? Here are the answers! Arthritis wants to make you lose mobility. Avoid eating this.

A little over twenty years ago I started taking ceramic painting classes as a hobby. I used to meet with a group of ladies who had a hobby of painting, but more to spend time together talking and sharing the afternoons. One of them, named Delia, really had a gift for painting. Her color combinations were exquisite and her strokes really beautiful, loose and smooth. When painting eyes or hands, her talent was more evident. Some “ramshackle” like me, we waited long shifts for Mrs. Delia to work her magic in our rooms. Still, the most surprising thing about her were her hands, they were totally deformed by arthritis.

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints to such a degree that it deforms them and leaves very strong pain. The person who suffers from it little by little loses mobility to the degree of being incapacitated. There were few afternoons in which Mrs. Delia did not attend painting class because of the pain that invaded her. It was a paralyzing pain, which incapacitated her completely, but which saddened her even more for not being able to do the most basic things like getting dressed, or what she enjoyed as much as painting.

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Today that I am a little older, I keep in mind that admirable woman as a reminder of the care and prevention that we must have with our joints. And in this vein, I share five recommendations mainly dietary to prevent arthritis:

1. Gelatin, and more gelatin

The grandmothers said that “if you wanted pretty eyelashes, hair and nails, you had to eat a daily jelly.” If you regularly consume gelatin or gelatin, your joints can be reconstituted frequently.

2. Magnesium in your diet

Magnesium forms collagen, which is very similar to gelatin and helps muscles and nerves. Foods that are rich in magnesium are nuts, almonds, bananas, and avocados.

3. Foods that provide you with vitamin C

Consuming vitamin C removes infections from your body and therefore your infections. Consume a citrus fruit such as oranges or lemons daily. You can also find this vitamin in strawberries, bell peppers, and leafy greens like spinach and chard.

In the market there are also several products that offer the vitamin in an effervescent or soluble way, they are good options, but the natural will always be better.

4. Proteins and their strength

Whether they are animals or vegetables, their consumption is necessary for the construction of strong muscles and organs.

If you are going to opt for animal proteins, look for lean and light meats such as turkey or eggs. Your body will thank you.

5. Overweight and harmful exercises

As much as it bothers us to hear it, if we are overweight we destroy our joints, starting with the feet, ankles and knees. Being at our correct weight and exercising wisely is ideal.

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If you are overweight and your joints start to bother you, swimming can be a very good, low-impact activity for your body.

Life is to be enjoyed and to do so, a healthy body helps us a lot. Take care of your health, it is a big part that helps you to be happy.

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