Are You Raising Male Children To Be Worthy Men?

Your son is a projection of yours, just take care that the person he becomes is better than you have been.

A child is a miracle of life. Thousands of small miracles are born in the world daily; precious gifts that God or existence itself gives us so that we can make them great human beings. It’s like a beautiful way to vindicate ourselves for the things we don’t do so well in life.

But did we do it? The truth is that it is a bit complicated, because we try to do the best we can and not make the mistakes that our parents made with us. In any case, what we can do is correct the mistakes made with the children before it is too late.

The truth is that there are subtle differences between raising a child and that of a girl. It’s not that one is more difficult than another’s, no; just different. What is certain is that whether it is a boy or a girl, you must give them the tools to take care of themselves and also be excellent human beings.

For this reason, today I want to focus on the things you can do to ensure that you are raising male children to be worthy men.

1 Help him not to be afraid to show his feelings and emotions

Many men have a reputation for being insensitive when in reality what happens is that they were raised to “eat” all their feelings and emotions.

Being a strong man is not about being cold and calculating; A strong man is one who is in control of his emotions and knows how to express them at the right time and place.

To teach him to express his emotions in a balanced way, tell him that you love him, that you value his effort and that it is not bad to cry when he feels that he cannot take it anymore. Also teach him to ask for help, that doing so is not a sign of weakness, but on the contrary, of a strength that not many achieve.

2 Dad, you are an example for your little one

Everything a child learn ,He does it because he sees his father acting. So it is in your hands that the child learns to be kind, respectful, honest, loyal; Well, he will see how you treat the people around you and he will want to act as you do.

3 Help him see his mistakes

Sometimes a parent’s role is to act as the “little voice of conscience,” that quiet voice that tells you you’ve done something wrong and you should correct it. Help her to see her failures, which due to inexperience will be many, and to take them as they are: learning.

4 Love and respect your wife and daughters

The children will see the action of their father and in the long run it will be the way of acting that applies to their life. Dad: be kind, generous, courteous, caring, and respectful to your wife and daughters, and believe me, it will be what he applies when it comes to being a husband and father.

5 Teach him to fight for the right

This planet needs people who are willing to act fair way and correct every day of your life. So you must teach him that if he sees a person or animal being treated badly, it is his duty as a good citizen to do what he can to help that person.

Fighting for a just cause is not bad, the bad thing is seeing that the wrong things are happening and not taking action on the matter.

6 Teach him not to be self-centered

Nothing worse than a person who only thinks of himself and wants everything to revolve around him.

You must teach your child that on this planet he is only one in a million and that he will only be remembered for the things he did to change the situation of others for the better, and not for how good he looked or for all his gains.

7 Keep your promises

Nothing demoralizes even a child more than a father or mother who does not keep their word. If you say you’re going to watch him play soccer, go! If you say that you are going to talk to his teacher about a certain event that has occurred, do it! Never leave him waiting because not only will you break his heart, you will lose the trust he had in you. Besides, you are teaching him to act in the same way.

8 Spend time with him

The best memories that a child can have of their parents are those of the time they spent with him, be it playing, watching a movie, taking him to school or just talking about whatever.

It’s not a question of the amount of time (which you can, great!) It’s more a question of the quality of time you spend with your child.

9 Teach him about his personal care

What better than a father to teach his son how to clean, shave, what products to use to avoid bad times. Mom can teach him, but this can be a very good excuse for your son not only to spend time with men, but to learn the right thing from an expert.

10 Teach him about the true meaning of beauty

It is important that in a world as superficial and materialistic as the one we live in now, you take care to teach your child that beauty goes much further than a pretty appearance.

It is important that you teach him to see beyond an attractive face or body. Teach him that people are worth for who they are, for what they are capable of giving of themselves to others, that ultimately the body and face age, but never a pleasant personality and a beautiful way of being.

11 Encourage him to have friends

Spending time alone is nice, but ultimately, having friends – men and women – is the best thing that can happen to a child and an adult.

Friends give the opportunity to exchange ideas, meet the love of your life, let off steam from bad times, have good times together, and be happy with nice people, today, tomorrow and always.

12 Educate him so that he knows how to recognize his faults, ask for forgiveness and forgive

We make mistakes every day and many times with them we hurt others. This is important for your child to know and to be prepared to be humble and ask for forgiveness. But it is also important that you know how to forgive so that you live free from fear, resentment and happy.

In your hands you have the possibility of leaving the world a wonderful inheritance: that of a male child who is a good person for himself and others.

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