Are You Prepared For The Imminent Changes After The Pandemic?

Changes may fill you with fear, but they always lead you to find the best of yourself.

This year is especially different from the rest of the years of my life. What’s more, I would dare to say that not even my grandmother experienced an event like this. Now if you want me to be honest with you, my family and I have not felt this situation particularly difficult.

I think the reason this situation didn’t affect us as deeply as it did others is that our lives in the past weren’t particularly easy. Maybe that gave us the ability not to make things bigger than they are, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that life for everyone is going to be very different when all this happens.

Changes are part of life

The life of every human being is a long event of changes. The very fact of being born and reaching adulthood refers to a kind of metamorphosis. We are like a butterfly, which, before becoming one, must first have been an egg, then a caterpillar, then a pupa, which when it matures breaks its protection and comes out as that beautiful insect. Yes, people are like that and we should be used to changes but no, we are very complex.

The situation is this: when changes happen little by little, we can assume them. The opposite happens when they appear from one moment to another. The former is easier to adapt, the latter subjects us tostress.

The point is that whether it is sudden or gradual changes, nobody’s life is the same after one occurs.

Control of your emotions and changes

It is important that you know that changes are easier to assume when a person has control over your emotions. The situation is that when someone does not weaken in the face of a threat, it is much more difficult for them to collapse.

Having control over yourself will allow you to:

-You will enjoy a calm mind.

-Your Thoughts will be clear.

-It will improve your ability to make good decisions.

-You will avoid confusion.

-You will have more ability to concentrate.

-You will never act impulsively again.

What each and every one of these actions will do is prevent you from getting into more trouble than you need.

The anguish that comes when we go through difficult times can lead us to act premeditated. This is why it is useful to be able to think coldly and calculatedly; This way, there will be no room for regrets or regrets as a result of bad decisions.

What changes can emerge after the coronavirus pandemic?

Honestly, this is something that I personally don’t think about much. What’s more, if you ask me, I don’t think the changes are many, this is due to my lifestyle. However, for those people who enjoy having a more active social life, their lives are going to change quite a bit.

Following this line, in many places, people avoid greeting each other as they used to do. The kissing greetings were replaced by a light tap of the elbows, because shaking hands is dangerous. Apparently, this will be strict from now on.

Going to the movies, restaurants, ice cream parlors and cafes does not happen and – it seems – will be in the background. All of this was limited to watching cable TV and ordering food at home. Social life was reduced tosocial networks.

In many countries, grocery purchases are made online or by phone. It is possible that this is something that generalizes.

Since children are always at home even to study, it is possible that in the future they prefer to be a little more outdoors with their friends.

Also many people are working from home. Because of this, the demand for companies applying for freelance employees is very likely to increase.

It also happens that “since nobody knows what they have until they lose it, people who rarely go to see their parents or grandparents want to spend more time with them and will not limit themselves to asking them from time to time to take care of their grandchildren.

Changes always come for the better

If I learned anything from the changesthat they bring with them a difficult situation, is that “every disease brings with it the remedy.”

Time is better used. There were parents who, given their overwork, could hardly be with their family. Well, they are taking advantage of this time to be with their children.

Teachers and others were “forced” to learn to use new technologies, and there is nothing wrong with learning new things.

Another plus point is that many people who used to spend money on weekly outings are now saving or investing in things of real importance.

Something magnificent that is also happening is that service to others is becoming customary.

People became more generous and think more of others. There are also those who are kinder.

Yes, it may be that this period of our lives that is a bit gray, but the truth is that we are becoming better human beings. Now we are less selfish, more courageous and grateful. Thinking of the other is not bad at all.

As you can see, things can always get better after a crisis, the important point is that we must know how to remain calm, be patient and know how to take on these changes.

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