Are You, Or Do You Feel Lonely? Discover The Difference, And Fight It

The feeling of loneliness comes from situations that are taking place around us and in which we are not receiving the support we want or need.

Being alone, or feeling alone, is not the same thing. Most of us fear loneliness, and for this reason we are always willing to sacrifice even our peace in order not to feel that way. The problem is that anyway the sensation does not disappear simply because the noise does not fill spaces, it is distracting, yes, but the emptiness continues.

And that has nothing to do with who we live, but how we live. Solitude is felt from within, and the remedy is to learn to cohabit with the only person capable of keeping us company: ourselves. No one can fill our insides, because it is our experiences as an individual that fill us.

Do not be afraid to feel alone, in any case, look in yourself what makes you feel that way. On many occasions, the feeling of loneliness comes from situations that are occurring around us and in which we are not receiving the support we want or need.

Fight loneliness in five steps:

1. Come to Christ

«If you have faith like a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain: go from here to there, and it will pass; and nothing will be impossible for you ”(Matthew 17:20).

A spirit with faith knows itself capable, and with that strength on its side it is not afraid to face anything. Feed faith, especially in yourself and you will not feel discouraged, or alone. Praying is good therapy for the soul.

2. Do not gloat in your fears, or feel sorry for yourself

Many times, the feeling of desolation causes us to make our problems bigger, and that increases the fear of loneliness, because if this way we have people by our side, what will we have to wait when there is nobody? It is best to give yourself time to make a plan of action instead of worrying all the time.

3. Hands and whole body at work

The best way to scare away loneliness is to occupy ourselves: make plans, gather what is necessary for their achievement and carry them out. You may be lazy at first, but don’t let it get the better of you. When you’re alone, take advantage of the space to do things for yourself, don’t let it be time out.

4. Take the first step

If you have already identified what makes you feel abandoned, do not wait for others to guess what you feel, raise your voice, take control and go for what you want. Sometimes we want to feel needed, but waiting for others to value us is not the answer. It’s your life, don’t be a passive spectator of it.

5. Don’t suffer in silence

Silence, many times, is the cause and accomplice of our evils. The load that is shared weighs less, so do not lock yourself up, or bury what you feel. Let out what grieves you and you will see how immediately you release the sorrow and your interior rests.

Loneliness that is physical is easy to eradicate, it is enough to find someone with whom to share the space; however, it is rarely the one that weighs; The one that resides in us is the one that damages, and the best way to combat it is by replacing it with satisfactions, joys, purposes and desire.

We fear loneliness for a simple reason: we are terrified by that internal dialogue that will tell us what our life lacks, but turning our backs on reality has never prevented it, and in the best of cases only postpones it. Do not fear what loneliness has to tell you, the best way is to listen carefully.

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