Are You Married To Someone Who Plays With Your Mind? The Dangerous Truth About This Kind Of Men

You live in a cage with invisible bars and you see it as ‘normal’. Know the 5 characteristics and the danger you run.

The truth is that I do not know when “games” of seduction or mind games were invented to ‘catch’ someone, all I know is that they are dishonest and extremely dangerous. If you are married to one of these men, you need to ask for help.

There are honest people, those who do not play games, who see white, white and black, black. But on the other hand, there are people who play mind games with everyone. These people only know how to manipulate and everything they do, feel and even how they see and judge others has to do with mind games.

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A person who does not play games, and who, on the contrary, uses the truth in everything he does, shows himself as he is. While a person who does not play mind games responds to a text message as soon as they see it, or as soon as they have a second, the manipulator will make you wait, will not open it even after they have read it, will evade the answer or simply will not answer you.

__What are the characteristics of a mental gamer according to Psychology Today?

1. Nothing you do or say has not been previously analyzed (over and over again)

These types of people generally do not act impulsively. They analyze everything, and see everything that others do with the same magnifying glass that they use. That is, if someone delays in answering a text, they do not think that it is because that person has not seen it yet, or did not have time to answer. They think that the other person is not answering because there is some hidden reason.

Due to their modus operandi, they doubt everything, and analyze every situation and movement before executing any decision. Spontaneity is not one of your qualities.

2. They doubt everything you say and do

These types of personalities are extremely possessive and insecure. They use control as a weapon to make sure things and situations don’t get out of hand. They are extremely jealous and possessive.

3. Use your patience, weak points and secrets to achieve what you want

Life for them is a great game. Everything is like participating in a chess tournament in which you are nothing more than one of the pieces. He needs to feel that he has absolute control over you to know that you will do what he wants you to do, when and in the place that he wants.

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To achieve this, he will use your patience (or rather impatience), your weak points and secrets in an eternal blackmail. Whenever he feels like things are getting out of hand, he will use the things that hurt or matter to you to create mental blackmail and keep you under his full control.

4. He will reward you when you do what he wanted you to do.

These types of mind games take the victim to extremes. In blackmail, he makes you see what you can lose if you don’t do what you are supposed to do, intuitively, you decide to do what he wants so as not to lose him or lose what is in the line of fire, and he will reward you. So you, subconsciously begin to feel that if you do what he wants, everything will be fine, and that is what you will do.

5. You live in a cage with invisible bars

He has built you a prison in which you live “comfortably” and from which you don’t try to get out because you think that this is life and that is happiness.

These types of people read between the lines and make you feel like you can step wrong at any moment. The feeling of uncertainty and lack of security keeps you on your “tiptoes” as my grandmother used to say. If you are with a person of this type, it would be good if you ask for help.

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