Are You Dating A Jerk? Find Out By Reading This Article

Are you dating someone who hasn’t even bothered? Find out by reading here if you date a jerk and you haven’t heard about it.

When you start dating someone, the goal is to get to know them and what kind of person they are; However, this work can sometimes be complex since when you want to be attractive to someone, you tend to cover up the not so pleasant aspects of your way of being, all in order to show yourself as that “ideal being” with whom nobody the opportunity to go out would be lost as it is irresistible and interesting.

The point is that many times those aspects that are hidden are the most important, because they are the ones that mark the way in which you will be treated by the “love of your life”, and it is here when disenchantment arrives and falling in love gives rise to absolute disappointment.

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There are 6 telltale factors that let you know if you’re dating a jerk and you’ll find them below.

1. Think that every man who is kind to you wants or more than a friendship and makes it known to you in the most vulgar way possible so that the message will “get through” to you.

You may be right in your speculations; However, that is not a reason for him (1) to think that you are going to pay attention to his courtship attempts, (2) he has no right to treat you as a person to whom you have to speak in the rudest way so that he understands and (3) he also has no right to believe that everyone who is nice to you is because they are looking for something sexual in return.

In the last case that is so, you forget that you are a woman with values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not given in exchange for a favor or a gift, you are worth more than that.

2. He is aware of his faults but still justifies himself by arguing that “fortunately he knows he is wrong”

I suppose that someone with such an argument is hoping to applaud his humility for admitting that he is not “perfect” and that he knows it, therefore you have to tolerate it. I do not know about having an affective relationship with an exact copy of the man of your dreams, but at least what you hope is that by pointing out that he has made a mistake or a fault, he will CHANGE for his own well-being, but no, he is only satisfied with Be the person with the least personal aspirations that you have ever encountered on your way. On that side the best thing is that you go thinking if you really want to project a life with him.

3. He does not forgive you for a mistake and makes fun of you

You are not perfect that is a fact, and when you make a mistake what you expect from your partner is that he makes you see your faults with kindness, just as you do. But no, the result is just the opposite, taking advantage of your “cheek” to make a joke and make fun of your mistake, the sad thing about the situation is that when you reach that point it is more than clear that he sees you as someone less intelligent than him.

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4. He has never introduced you as his girlfriend even though they have been in that relationship for 4 months

This should already be the limit of any situation that includes him in your life. If he doesn’t take you seriously to introduce yourself as his girlfriend then you shouldn’t spend one more day of your life with someone for whom you are just a game.

5. She has no friends

As strange as it may sound, it is not a good sign that he does not have a single female friend on his list of friends, why? Good because this says that women cannot stand as a friend since he does not know how to respect women.

6. Speak badly of your friends or family

No one who esteems their friends and loves their family has a reason to speak ill of them. It is normal to think that perhaps he speaks ill of one of his friends because he does not consider him as loyal as he should because they had problems, that would justify that action, but speak ill of his family? That is already a sign that he is not someone worthy of being a friend or partner of anyone until he matures and learns to respect those who appreciate him.

If he speaks ill of his mother or any other relative or who he says is his best friend, imagine what he must say about you.

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